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5 Mind Blowing Recycling Facts

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5 Recycling Facts That Will Shock You

In this blog, we have shard 5 recycling facts to encourage you to recycle your waste. Check out the mind-blowing facts below.

1. Recycling one plastic bottle can save enough energy to power a 60-watt lightbulb for 3 hours

This presents the monumental amount of energy we can save by recycling our waste effectively. With this fact relating to just one plastic bottle, the difference we can make as a collective will have a huge impact.

2. If we were to recycle all of our newspapers, we would save about 250,000,000 trees each year

Recycling paper can save vital raw resources from being destroyed at an alarming rate. Recycling a single run of the Sunday New York Times would save 75,000 trees. If all our newspaper was recycled, we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year.

3. Recycling one tonne of steel saves 1.4 tonnes of iron ore, 0.8 tonnes of coal, 0.3 tonnes of limestone and additives, and 1.67 tonnes of CO

Using steel scrap instead of virgin ore reduces CO2 emissions by 58%. Recycling this material also saves various natural resources from extraction, along with toxic emissions.

4. Glass produced from recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%

Glass can be recycled repeatedly without losing its quality. Creating glass from recycled glass also comes with great benefits including reducing air pollution by 20%.

5. Corrugated cardboard can be recycled up to seven times before it loses its reusability

Recycling cardboard not only saves space in landfill sites, but it also preserves materials in production and energy. 


recycling facts

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