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Flooring Firm Plans To Transform The Plastics Recycling Industry

Leicestershire-based Abacus Flooring Solutions has created an innovative idea to divert waste plastic from landfill and create a flooring material. They have invented a method to recycle plastic into industrial resin flooring, named Abaplas. The incredible sustainable invention has attracted the custom of global big hitters such as JCB, and the business recently was named winner of a Green World Award.

How Is This New Invention Eco-Friendly?

Whilst plastic is diverted from landfills, we can reduce pollution and the harmful impact that this material has whilst festering here. Abacus shared that resin flooring has traditionally been manufactured using silica sand, which is a dangerous and potentially carcinogenic substance when inhaled: Abaplas instead contains non-harmful recycled plastic which is ground down to a white powder.

The Benefits Of Environmentally Friendly Materials In Construction

The construction industry is constantly innovating and looking for new greener methods. Abacus flooring has provided an eco-friendly method for replacing harmful bulking materials in other products such as tile adhesives. This means when constructing flooring, we can have a more sustainable solution with the use of recycled plastics. 

We Recycle Plastic Waste For Businesses

If you are looking for a plastic recycling service for your business, we collect bulk loads of various plastics. Our team also offers great rebates for large volumes of valuable materials. Get in touch with us today with your quantity, type and location of the waste. We can then arrange a collection and help your business boost recycling rates.

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