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The European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations have recently launched a competition to find the 'Best Recycled Plastic Product' for 2015

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The European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organisations have recently launched a competition to find the ‘Best Recycled Plastic Product’ for 2015

Products must adhere to several specifications, which are:
-Made from 50% or more post-consumer or post-industrial plastics
-Have sold at least one unit, and entered the market after 2011
-B2B or B2C product
-Made sustainably, with ability to provide evidence
-Produced in Europe, Canada or South Africa.
With the intention of creating awareness for plastic recycling and demand for recycled plastic products, the award for ‘Best Recycled Product 2015’ is highly coveted. Recognizing an innovative product that solves several problems is part of this year’s challenge.
In 2013, Green Warehouse Ltd won the award, with their 70ltr uBin. We spoke to Green Warehouse just a few days ago, see what they had to say here.

EPRO’s Co-Chairman Massimo Paravidino explained that “Plastic packaging design, improved collection schemes, advances in sorting technology together with a greater range of reprocessing opportunities and applications means that the need to send plastics to landfill is disappearing. Therefore it’s key that we ensure that the consumers and industry recognise this progression and continue to sort and collect this material for recycling. One of the most important ways of doing this is to raise the awareness of the products made from recycled plastics, in turn showcasing a wide range of recycled products, thus creating a demand and maybe an appetite for new companies to start to design and manufacture more products made from recycled plastic – promoting the cycle of plastics.”

Recoup, a non-for profit organisation seeking the sustainable development of plastics recycling are big supports of the event. Recoup CEO Stuart Foster said “There are so many fantastic applications and products now using recycled plastic, and we need to be making much more noise about it. In 2015, Recoup intend to do just that. This competition enables the industry to further demonstrate their commitment and work in the area of corporate social responsibility, and help consumers to more fully understand the outcomes of their plastic recycling efforts.”
The winner will be announced at the IdentiPlast conference in Rome, Italy at the end of April. Applications end on the 11th of March, so to have your product considered, follow this link!

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