We’ve had a look around on Twitter to see some of the businesses getting involved in @RecycleNow's huge event - #RecycleWeek. Here are just a handful:

Hint: Business or person's name is linked to take you to their website, the following name, starting with @ is their Twitter handle. Npower - @npower In recent tweet the UK energy provider said “Last month alone npower recycled 4.5K tonnes of plastic – that’s the same as 90,960 2 litre drinks bottles!” They’ve even added centralized recycling points to encourage their staff to recycle.   BritishGlass - @BritGlass The British Glass Manufacturers’ Confederation are actively sharing relevant recycling information during #RecycleWeek. Remember glass is 100% recyclable!   OPRL - @OPRL You know those labels that tell you clearly how to recycle packaging? Those are the good work of OPRL, who are sharing loads of interesting content on their Twitter.   WWF UK - @wwf_uk The WWF have used their large fan base to spread the word of #RecycleWeek, with great effect. The movement really benefits when exposed to large audiences of like minded environmentally friendly people! Karen Cannard - @KarenCannard We are big fans of Karen and her work with @TheRubbishDiet, so it’s great to see how active and involved she has been with #RecycleWeek. She’s already been on @BBCLondon949 talking about recycling, and her tweets about recycling loo rolls on Virgin Trains will have reached a huge commuter audience! Her advice to businesses: “If you're a manufacturer, #recycleweek is the perfect time to  rethink your packaging *and* its labelling too.”   Rae Strauss - @MyZeroWaste Another lady who loves her recycling and waste reduction! Check out her Twitter, with her knowledge and hook-ups, she has been sharing all the different ways things can be recycled. It’s really an invaluable source of information, especially during #RecycleWeek   The Trussell Trust - @TrussellTrust More than just food banks,the Trussell Trust is helping to recycle, divert waste from landfill and encourage everyone to have a brilliant #RecycleWeek. Go and support their valuable work!   Money Saving Expert & MSE Forum - @MoneySavingExp & @MSE_Forum These two accounts have been working in tandem to help the message of #RecycleWeek hit a big audience. Recycling does save you money in the long run, and is great for the environment, so it’s great to have their support! They are holding a Q&A on Wednesday 24th June at 11am about recycling! The link above is full of valuable recycling tips, we recommend you take a look.   John Walker - @EarthFgardener Environmental Writer John Walker has put together a great PDF about recycling food waste into compost, take a look here: http://t.co/AnWWbtWMH2   Community Resources Network Scotland - @crnscotland Scotland’s national reuse, repair and recycle charity has been very busy with #RecycleWeek, sharing ideas and showing their support. One tweet said: “Food is fuel, so don't let a good thing go to waste and recycle for Scotland #RecycleWeek @RecycleforScot”   Remade Hour - @RemadeHour These upcycling specialists have been working hard to show that recycling comes in many different forms. For some, it is putting the bottles and paper out for collection, but for some, it is art, it is furniture and it is being savvy with materials!