Plastic Waste Recycling – What Are The Benefits?

We know there is a problem with plastic. Everyone you look, you can see scraps of it lying on the ground, rubbish that someone has carelessly discarded either by accident or on purpose. Although this is a terrible thing, what we’re doing in our own homes and businesses regarding the plastic we use isn’t good either. We’re using more than ever, despite a conscious effort to reduce the amount of plastic we use, and we’re not recycling as well as we should, which means most of the waste plastic ends up in standard landfill sites where it will take thousands of years to degrade and cause more plastic pollution.

So it is down to each of us, individually and collectively, to be more aware of recycling plastic. At Plastic Expert, we buy the waste plastic your business has created, and we recycle it in the right way. We can travel across the UK to collect from you, so there is no need to dispose of your recyclable plastic materials, including:

·        Plastic packaging

·        Plastic bottles (including milk bottles)

·        Plastic films

·        Plastic bags

·        Mixed plastic

This collection can be arranged on an ad-hoc basis or regularly, depending on your needs. If you’re wondering why you should engage Plastic Expert to do this for you and help with your different types of plastic, read on to find out more about the benefits of using a plastic waste management company for your plastic recycling.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Also known as the GPGP, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch refers to the fact that nearly 8 million tonnes of rubbish ends up in the world’s oceans, including a lot of plastic. The ocean plastic itself, thanks to ocean currents, will drift to an accumulation zone, of which there are five across the world. The biggest, perhaps unsurprisingly, is in the Pacific and is called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

It might not sound so bad when you think of the vastness of the ocean and the small size of most pieces of plastic. It might not even sound so bad when you try to imagine 80,000 tonnes, which is how much of the GPGP consists of plastic waste that hasn’t been recycled. Maybe what will really give you an idea of the size of the problem is if we tell you that amounts to an area twice the size of Texas, made just of plastic. Now you can see this is a problem that has to be fixed.

The Economic Impact

It’s true that some people just can’t understand the problem that not using recycling bins or waste collection companies such as ourselves will cause in terms of the environment. The economy, however, might be a different story.

Recycling waste plastic products isn’t free; it costs to do it. Yet it will actually be better for the economy; more processes are involved, which means more jobs and better wages. Plus, the recycled plastic can be made into saleable goods, which will bring in a profit (and tax will be due on that profit).

More profit can be made on recycled materials since no new materials had to be created, so the economy will benefit significantly in this way, much more than if new plastic was made to serve the same purpose.

 Reduction Of CO2 Emissions

When you reduce the amount of oil being used, CO2 emissions go down too, as do other greenhouse gases. Since oil is used to make plastic, the less we manufacture (because we don’t need to since we are recycling more), the less CO2 emissions there will be in the atmosphere by extension. We’ll also be saving the finite resources we have in terms of fossil fuels, and although they will one day run out, it is best to lessen their use and put that day off until we have a completely sustainable alternative.

Less Landfill Space Used

When you recycle more of your plastic waste by using recycling bins and waste management via Plastic Expert, you will be saving space in landfills, and that is crucial. Our landfills are all almost full, and the worry of where our waste and resources will go once they are full is something that experts are trying to come up with a solution for. However, the more we can recycle, the less will be going to landfills, essentially buying us time to improve the recycling rates and reduce plastic waste.

By using a recycling collection company to recycle a tonne of plastic, around 5.7 cubic metres of landfill will be saved. That’s a considerable amount, particularly with space becoming so scarce. As a bonus, land and air pollution will be much lower too when landfills are used less frequently.

How it works

  • 1
    Call or email us

    Our expert team is on hand to deal with your plastic waste recycling inquiry. We'll help by understanding the scope of the job and recommending the best course of action.

  • 2
    Dedicated point of contact

    Your dedicated account manager will provide options for the collection of the materials. Different pricing options will be available depending on the level of service required.

  • 3
    Collection of material

    Once we've agreed on pricing, your dedicated account manager will deal with the collection of material and necessary paperwork to ensure environmental compliance. Destruction certificates will be issued for each collection.

  • 4
    Additional Collections

    For regular customers, we can also provide scheduled collections where required. Either dedicated haulage for each job or the provision of crates which can be exchanged once full.

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