Plastic Recycling in Telford

Many UK businesses are still unaware that their recyclable waste plastic is valuable. This can lead to recyclables like plastic and cardboard being thrown away with general waste and businesses paying heavy charges for bin collections. Plastic Expert’s Plastic Recycling Telford Service is a proven solution, slashing waste management costs, providing rebates for material, and helping your business apply a new recycling strategy.

What Can We Recycle?

  • LDPE Wrapping: Low-density polyethene is a great material for wrapping pallets and boxes, and it can usually be recycled to produce new wrapping plastics.
  • HDPE Pipes: High-density polyethene is an ideal material for making piping, though this material is often found in landfill sites despite the fact that it can be recycled.
  • Polystyrene Foam (EPS): Polystyrene foam is one of the most popular packing materials in the world. Landfills in the UK can consist of up to 30% polystyrene.
  • PP Sacks: Polypropylene sacks provide strong and reliable packing materials for products like animal feed and metal parts, and can be recycled to create new sacks.
  • PVC/uPVC: PVC is used for guttering and piping, while uPVC is used for windows and doors. Both of these materials can be turned into a fine powder that can be used to create new products.
  • Rigid Plastics: Rigid plastics are used for countless different types of product, but Plastic Expert can deal with them all.

Please note that we do not provide services for recycling and rubbish from households. Ensure you correctly divide this between your recycling bins for the Telford and Wrekin council bin service to collect.

Why You Should Choose Us

If you want your business to boast about your Green activities, we can help! We have a proven track record of providing professional services to a vast portfolio of clients from manufacturers to retailers.

We offer recycling services in the whole United Kingdom, transporting materials to a licensed recycling facility, so collecting recyclables in Telford and Shropshire is not a problem. Get in touch with the team today to find out more.