Plastic Recycling South London

Plastic Recycling South London Service

Plastic Recycling turns waste into money

For years, businesses have faced considerable charges to get rid of their waste, and of course that makes sense. Recently however, those charges have been rising, whilst at the same time, waste reduction technologies have improved and become more viable. Equally, the market for plastic recycling has continually expanded, encouraged by the demand for products made from recycled plastic.

For business south of the river, we are dedicated to reducing your waste costs through recycling, making environmental savings and providing competitive rebates on plastic material. No longer will you have to throw your plastic in the bin, as we will pay for it. We also offer high quality machinery to enhance your recycling efforts.

Plastic Expert’s Service

-Professional, experienced recycling team

-A successful strategy

-Quick collections and quick payment

-Reduce your landfill use

-Slash waste costs significantly

Because there are so many types of plastic, our Plastic Recycling South London Service purchases:

  • Pallet/Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic drums and buckets
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic banding and strapping
  • Hessian sacks
  • Plastic crates, bins and containers

It’s a simple decision

Consumer purchasing decisions often come down to more than price. When a product or service offers an environmental or ethical advantage, the customer is more likely to part with their money. So by working with the Plastic Recycling South London Service, you are gaining a competitive edge, helping reduce your carbon footprint and helping the recycling process to reduce the need for natural resources!


Collections by the Plastic Recycling South London Service are simple wherever you are in South London. The waste plastic is then transported to a licensed recycling facility before it is sent for reprocessing in the UK or overseas.

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