Plastic Recycling in Portsmouth

We collect and recycle plastic waste in Portsmouth from all sorts of businesses. Our efficient and reliable service will take your recyclable materials off your hands, and dealt with using our ethical recycling processes. Plastic Expert’s mission is to help businesses become more environmentally friendly and divert their waste from landfills. When recycling these large bulks of plastic waste, energy is recovered in reducing the need to make these materials from scratch. By growing towards becoming sustainable markets, we are together, contributing to promoting sustainable practices for all businesses.

Which Types of Plastic Can We Recycle?

Our Plastic Recycling Portsmouth service collects and recycles many different types of waste plastic material. This includes:

  • LDPE Wrapping: Low-density polyethene is a great material for wrapping pallets and boxes, and it can usually be recycled to produce new wrapping plastics.
  • HDPE Pipes: High-density polyethene is an ideal material for making piping, though this material is often found in landfill sites despite the fact that it can be recycled.
  • Polystyrene Foam (EPS): Polystyrene foam is one of the most popular packing materials in the world. Landfills in the UK can consist of up to 30% polystyrene.
  • PP Sacks: Polypropylene sacks provide strong and reliable packing materials for products like animal feed and metal parts, and can be recycled to create new sacks.
  • PVC/uPVC: PVC is used for guttering and piping, while uPVC is used for windows and doors. Both of these materials can be turned into a fine powder that can be used to create new products.
  • Rigid Plastics: Rigid plastics are used for countless different types of product, but Plastic Expert can deal with them all.

Please note, we do not provide waste recycling services for household waste, general waste and plastic packaging (such as plastic bags, pots, tubs and plastic bottles), and food waste items. Please segregate these waste and recycling items at your home correctly in the correct recycling bin (black, blue or green bin) for your local council bin collection service. We can, however, provide businesses with large bulks of items such as plastic bottles with a recycling service.

Where Do We Collect From?

We collect from anywhere in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area. All waste collected is routed to a licensed recycling facility where the collected plastic material is made ready for onwards recycling in the UK & overseas. The Plastic Recycling Portsmouth is second to none, putting the customer and the environment first!