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Plastic Expert is one of the UK’s leading plastic recycling companies, providing a simple and affordable service to businesses throughout London and the surrounding area. Our plastic recycling ensures that your business can reduce its burden on landfill and be more sustainable. We recycle a wide variety of common plastics used by organisations like yours, making you more environmentally friendly. Plus, we may even buy your plastic, making your eco-friendly efforts even more worthwhile.

How Our Plastic Collection And Recycling Service Works

Plastic Expert’s aim is to take the hassle out of plastic waste collections and make your life easier. With us, you get dedicated account management, allowing you to delegate all aspects of your plastic waste collection to us.

We can provide a variety of plastic recycling services depending on your situation and needs. If you know that you will regularly need to dispose of plastic, you can arrange for one of our trucks to make scheduled collections at your premises at a time set by you. Likewise, if you need a one-off collection, give our team a call. They’ll be happy to help, no matter how complex or large the job might seem.

Once we collect your plastic, we recycle it at our state-of-the-art facilities. By using us, you can improve your businesses’ sustainability.

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Recycle A Wide Range Of Plastics

Plastic Expert recycles a wide variety of plastics. Please note that not all varieties of plastic can be recycled in the London area and may have to be disposed of via alternative means.

Here’s a list of some of the plastic products we recycle.

  • LDPE wrapping – low-density polyethene that is a popular material for pallet wrapping
  • HDPE pipes – a plastic product used extensively in making rigid piping products found in many commercial and domestic buildings
  • PP sacks – a type of sack that companies use to transport heavy items, like rubble or aggregate
  • PVC – a common type of plastic used as a building material which often finds its way to landfill
  • uPVC – a variant of PVC commonly found in double-glazed windows and doors
  • Polystyrene foam – a common packing material in both B2B and B2C businesses
  • PET – the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, a common material used for plastic bottles

Please find out more about the types of plastic we collect by speaking to a member of our team today.

Why Choose Us?

Businesses across London love our services. Our clients include schools, retailers, distribution companies, universities, offices and manufacturers. We work with you on a case-by-case basis, crafting optimal solutions, based on your needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Plastic Expert is committed to high environmental standards. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. With us, organisation operating in London and the surrounding can get access to services that enable them to achieve their green ambitions. We work to reduce the total amount of plastic waste released into the environment by ensuring the highest possible recycling rates.

Full Compliance

Plastic Expert operates in full compliance with the law. We never cut corners and always provide a full audit trail for all the plastic we recycle, giving you peace of mind and something to show the local council. If you’re concerned, ask for the relevant paperwork at your next collection.

Reliable Service

If you want to reduce plastic waste, you need a reliable service you can trust. Plastic Expert is known across London and the wider area for its consistently high standard of services. We buy and collect a range of plastic products from you, either as a one-off, on a regular schedule, or ad-hoc – as and when you please.

Collection At A Time That Suits You

You never quite know when you are going to need to recycle plastic items in your inventory. For that reason, we collect at a time that suits you. Just give us a call, arrange a collection with one of our friendly members of staff at a convenient time and then let us take care of the rest.

Get Paid For Your Plastic

If your plastic is valuable, Plastic Expert will offer to buy it for a fee. In other words, we pay you for recycling plastic you no longer want. To take advantage of this, call ahead to check whether we purchase the type of plastic you have.

Enquire Now

Are you looking for a flexible, affordable and reliable plastic recycling service in London? Call our team to discuss the type of plastic collection and recycling services you need for your business.

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