HDPE Recycling

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HDPE (high density polyethylene) and PP (pp polypropylene) are valuable plastics when processed and granulated in the correct manner. We buy granulated HDPE and PP materials from Plastic Recycling facilities from the UK. This material is sent directly to end users to enter the manufacturing process for a variety of different plastic products. Good quality, high grade granulated HDPE and PP materials are in strong demand in the far east. Lower grade and dirtier granulated plastics are often washed and further treated in the EU. The value of granulated HDPE and PP plastic material can vary depending on some of the following factors:
  • Cleanliness and contamination levels
  • Type of HDPE e.g Extrusion or injection grade
  • Polymer mix e.g. HDPE and PP plastics mix
  • Ongoing volumes
  • Melt flow, granulate size and other production qualities
When purchasing HDPE and PP granulate, we have quality control measures to ensure the material is of the correct specification. Material is only purchased directly from the processing site, we require a full set of photos, material specification sheet and samples for all new supplies. HDPE Recycling and PP Recycling requires good knowledge of the process and the correct machinery. HDPE granulated may be used for packaging such as bottles, pipes, and crates. Repurposed PP granules can be used in containers, packaging, and textiles. Please contact our team to find out about our wide range of recycling services. You could earn great rebates for your waste plastic with our team. We are also able to collect mixed plastic, carboard, and hazardous materials. All of the recycled materials will help us reduce the need for raw materials and pollution when disposed of in landfill sites. You can also save waste disposal costs whilst opening up a new revenue stream for your waste plastic materials. Get in touch today to discuss your PP and HDPE recycling and we can organise a sustainable, cost effective. Photos: HDPE Recycling in action! Utility pipe is shredded and then granulated for onwards sale.

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