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Are Plastic Coat Hangers Recyclable In The UK?

Yes! Your plastic coat hangers are recyclable. At Plastic Expert, our business is focused on recycling various plastic products. With our clothes hanger recycling service, we provide you with a way of diverting your waste from incineration and landfills.
We offer an eco-friendly solution that will minimise waste in your business – as well as lowering your carbon footprint. We pride ourselves on excellent customer care and we provide all our clients with a detailed quote beforehand. We operate a highly flexible service that is built around your requirements.

We recycle coat hangers across the UK

Many businesses across the UK have reduced their business waste thanks to our extensive and reliable service. Any company can take advantage, but it is especially useful for businesses with a large volume of waste coat hangers.
Retail companies are often left with hundreds of plastic coat hangers that no longer serve a purpose. They clutter your workspace, and can harm the environment when disposed of wrongly. As we recycle clothes hangers professionally, your business can have peace of mind they are repurposed safely.
plastic coat hanger recycling
Coat Hanger Recycling

What types of coat hangers do we recycle?

Most coat hangers are made from wood, metal or plastic. Plastic coat hangers are often made from polystyrene and polycarbonate. We only recycle plastic coat hangers – not materials such as wood or metal. Your coat hangers need to be 100% plastic, although the metal hook section of wire hangers are acceptable. For recycling of full metal coat hangers, please find professional metal recyclers.
If you are looking to get rid of smaller volumes of unwanted metal or wooden hangers, please try your local charity shops or household recycling centres.
We are also able to collect other waste plastics when we complete recycling collections for your coat hangers, as well as cardboard waste. These can be added to the collection on the same lorry.

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When you use our coat hanger recycling service, we follow these steps:

Step 1 – Collecting coat hangers:There is no need to transport unwanted hangers yourself to local recycling centres, or arrange recycling points. The team at Plastic Expert come to your facility and take everything off your hands for you.
All we ask is that your coat hangers are either compacted or baled before collection. This makes the job a lot easier for us and allows us to maximise the space on our lorries. As such, we can collect more coat hangers than if they were left loose.
Step 2 – Load coat hangers onto a truck: We use reliable haulage partners that provide us with large trucks to conduct our coat hanger recycling. Our team takes your coat hangers and loads them up onto one of our trucks. As we mentioned earlier, you can also add other waste plastics and cardboard to the same truck.
Step 3 – Sorting the plastics: When your coat hangers arrive at our processing facility, we begin sorting through them. We check the specific type of plastic to ensure that every coat hanger gets recycled correctly.
Step 4 – Shred the coat hangers: Next, we use special machines to shred your plastic coat hangers into tiny pieces at our licensed recycling facilities.
Step 5 – Granulation: Lastly, we granulate the plastic coat hangers after shredding. This lets the plastic be reprocessed and used as new products.

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Why choose Plastic Expert for coat hanger recycling?

We are committed to finding new and innovative ways to increase plastic recycling methodologies, and we are proud to be bringing processes to the forefront of the recycling industry. This allows businesses in the UK to access specialist recycling services easily.
By partnering with us for plastic recycling services, you will realise the following benefits:

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