Bubble wrap: it’s useful for protecting items, and it’s even more fun to play with. But can bubble wrap be recycled? Sometimes it’s useful to keep bubble wrap and reuse it, but when you have a lot of it and don’t have any use for it, getting rid of it is the most sensible option. If your first thought is to put it in with your general waste, you might want to think again. The good news is that bubble wrap can be recycled, and it can be recycled alongside other plastic and packaging waste.

Many businesses deal with large volumes of bubble wrap due to receiving deliveries protected with the material. If this includes your business, you can benefit from plastic recycling from Plastic Expert.

What can bubble wrap be recycled with?

Bubble wrap can be recycled alongside some other plastic materials. It can be included with shrink wrap/plastic film and carrier bags and recycled at specialist recycling centres. Plastic Expert can provide balers and compactors for recycling bubble wrap, making it easy to deal with large volumes of bubble wrap and other plastics. We offer collection services and can pick up both bubble wrap and other LDPE (low-density polyethylene) materials, as well as other types of plastic and packaging waste.

Choosing to recycle your bubble wrap means you can make use of local recycling resources. As plastic recycling experts, we know just how to deal with bubble wrap and any other plastics that you might want to recycle.

bubble wrap recycling
bubble wrap recycling

How plastic waste is dealt with

There are several steps that recycling centres take to deal with bubble wrap and other types of plastic. The bubble wrap is first collected together and crushed using balers, turning it into plastic bales. These take up less space, being more compact, and are easy to move around. These plastic bales can then be transported to a dedicated plastic recycling facility so that they can be recycled. Some plastics get recycled in the UK, while other plastic might be sent abroad to be recycled. The plastic is sorted, washed and then sent on to be made use of in various ways.

Save money by recycling

Recycling your bubble wrap can help you to save money. If you’re currently paying to have your bubble wrap removed, you could be losing money. By recycling your plastic waste, you could make money through selling it, instead of having to pay to have your plastic taken away.

Book your recycling collection today, and get rid of any bubble wrap that you have in your business waste. You will be given a dedicated point of contact who will deal with all of your recycling needs. We can provide everything that is required, including equipment for baling plastic, and will collect your bubble wrap and other plastic materials once pricing has been agreed. We take care of the collection and any paperwork that may be needed to ensure compliance. Get in touch with us today to start recycling your bubble wrap.