Seeking a Plastic Recycling Revolution?

Plastic Expert’s Plastic Recycling Nottinghamshire Service is the solution! We offer a complete service, including a range of efficient and easy to use machinery that will improve your recycling efforts considerably. Our main duty, however, is to collect and pay for your plastic waste, transporting it to our partners who will recycle it in a sustainable way. One of the main benefits that businesses already working with us have said is that they are relieved to shrink the amount of waste going into their bins. They are disposing of less, sending less to landfill and paying less to waste management companies for bin and skip uplifts.

Plastic Recycling Nottinghamshire Service Purchases:

  • Pallet/Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic drums and buckets
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic banding and strapping
  • Hessian sacks
  • Plastic crates, bins and containers

Why Should You Recycle?

Plastic recycling is great for your pockets and for your planet. The earth has finite resources, so we should make the most of what we have been given and treat it accordingly. Our oceans and landfills are taking a toll with the mass amount of smaller items such as carrier bags and plastic bottles taking over without effective recycling bin use. With the addition of business plastic material, environmental damage is huge. Through our service, we can show you how to treat your waste as a valuable resource by throwing away less and recycling more. By using plastic recycling machinery to make recycling bales, your business will save money on waste costs and introduce a new revenue stream. Some of our customers have made enough money through this process to hire extra staff and get new vehicles. Just remember, waste costs aren’t likely to fall, so now is the ideal time to start a business recycling strategy.

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