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We discuss Mac Cosmetic's 'Back to Mac' packaging recycling scheme.

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In this article we looks at Mac Cosmetic’s packaging recycling efforts

These days, consumers are growing more and more conscious about the products they choose and also about how they throw them away. Packaging recycling is growing in importance and, whilst packaging is obviously necessary (I certainly wouldn’t want to carry my hair gel without the bottle), it’s not actually the product and therefore, becomes waste almost the moment the product has been used up.
However some companies are combating this issue in their own special way. One company in particular, Mac, offers its customers a free product for every six empty containers of their used product that the customer returns; they call it their ‘Back to M.A.C Program’. By doing this it enables consumers to deal with their packaging recycling correctly and get more out of their product than if they were to send it to be recycled along with their other waste.

Moreover this also allows the company to take control over their own recycling initiatives and makes it cheaper to create new products. It keeps customers happy and loyal to the brand and buy more Mac products again and again knowing they’re getting more for their money. Furthermore, hundreds of makeup bloggers have written about this and hundreds more have commented on how pleased they are that such a programme exists, which gives yet another bonus to the company, free advertising. It’s clear to see that, by just being a bit more conscious about their packaging recycling, they’ve got a system that benefits the consumers whilst also greatly benefitting the business and, of course, the environment.
So in a time when businesses should be recycling packaging anyway, the benefits to be gained by doing it properly make it a no-brainer.

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