The Plastic Recycling Essex Service


Plastic Expert’s Recycling Service helps businesses from both sides of the waste issue, providing the option of high quality recycling machinery to prepare recyclable material for sale, and also purchasing it. Our Plastic Recycling Essex Service provides you with a complete recycling strategy for plastic products and cardboard, including machinery, preparation, collection, payment, and education. With us, you will be able to reduce bin space and uplifts, resulting in sending less to landfill, making cost and environmental savings!

What Can We Recycle?

We recycle all kinds of plastic waste. Take a look at some of the polymer recycling services we offer in the UK:

  • PVC recycling
  • Rigid plastic recycling
  • uPVC recycling
  • LDPE wrapping
  • HDPE pipes
  • Polystyrene foam
  • PP sacks

Why Choose Plastic Expert

Customers respect and enjoy the benefits of our Plastic Recycling Service, and use this as a tool to make ethical and sustainable business decisions. When you have us as your partner, you will strengthen trust and relationships with your customers through a dedication to the environmental and social policies of your business, and can ensure that you are working ethically using our sustainable solution.


Collections are simple wherever you are in Essex. The waste plastic is then transported to a licensed recycling facility before it is sent for reprocessing in the UK or overseas. Contact us by phone via 0845 3669306 or on email at to learn more about our services.