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Did you know that your recyclable waste has an inherent value? For years, businesses have been paying to get rid of their plastic waste, but Plastic Expert can help solve that. Our Plastic Recycling Derby Service is proven to slash your waste management costs and provide an additional rebate for your waste material. By employing our waste cost reduction system and Plastic Recycling Derby Service, businesses have been able to boast about their Green credentials, whilst welcoming cost and environmental savings. Here’s how it works:

  • WE educate with our business recycling expertise and insider industry knowledge
  • YOU stop throwing your Plastic into bins and skips!
  • YOU begin separating Plastic from your waste stream
  • YOU start storing your plastic in a dry place
  • YOU cut down on the number of waste collections – SAVING MONEY!
  • YOU bale or compact your waste Plastic
  • WE pay brilliant prices for your waste Plastic
  • YOU have a massive smile and begin boasting about your high recycling rates thanks to the Plastic Recycling Derby Service


Unsure what kind of plastics you are dealing with? Not sure if your plastic waste is valuable?

Plastic Expert’s Plastic Recycling Derby Service has the ability to collect and recycle many different types of plastic. If you are unsure about a plastic’s type, our expert team will be able to help. Here are some of the plastics we purchase:

-Pallet/Shrink Wrap
-Plastic drums and buckets
-Plastic banding and strapping
-Hessian sacks
-Plastic crates, bins and containers

Why recycling is essential for your business!

Have you heard about CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility means doing good through your business in an attempt to improve sustainability, counter-act negative business side effects or just generally do some further good. Recycling stops valuable materials from being sent to landfill, which is something to shout about. If your business handles a certain amount of material it is in fact law to recycle, but doing it in a professional manner can impress current customers and attract potential ones. You can use the Plastic Recycling Derby Service in your environmental policy to show these customers how much you value sustainable business practice.

We offer recycling services in the whole United Kingdom, so collecting recyclables in Derby and Derbyshire is not a problem. The Plastic Recycling Derby Service transports collected waste to a licensed recycling facility where it is made ready for reprocessing in the UK or overseas.

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