Recycle Your Plastic With The Experts

Businesses in Cardiff are already feeling the benefits of our Plastic Recycling Cardiff services with our waste collections. Our mission is to help your business from contributing to landfills and reducing your carbon footprint, and with our help, we can work towards a more sustainable planet. The types of plastic we recycle extend to soft and hard materials including pallet wrap, drums, and buckets. As your waste recycler, we will arrange a collection service at a time that suits businesses busy schedules. 

Many of our customers have saved money by using our waste cost reduction system:

  • STOP binning your cardboard & START separating it!
  • REDUCE the number of collections for your bins/recycling bags or skip – SAVE £££!
  • BALE or COMPACT your waste cardboard to increase it’s value
  • SELL your waste cardboard to Plastic Expert!

Which Types Of Plastic Do We Recycle?

No longer will you have to throw your plastic in the bin, as we will pay for it. We also offer high-quality machinery to enhance your recycling efforts. The types of plastic we recycle includes:

  • Pallet/Shrink Wrap
  • Plastic drums and buckets
  • Polystyrene
  • Plastic Banding and strapping
  • Hessian Sacks
  • Plastic crates, bins and containers

Unfortunately, we do not provide services for general waste and food waste.

Where Do We Collect From?

We provide recycling services and collect from anywhere in Cardiff or Wales. The plastic is redirected to licensed recycling centres where the material is made ready for onwards recycling in the UK & overseas. If your business is looking for an efficient waste management service please get in touch today for a chat free of charge.