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We Recycle Plastic Waste in the Cardiff Area

Plastic Recycling In Cardiff, Wales

Businesses across Cardiff are benefiting from our plastic recycling collections. We are working with customers to recycle many different types of plastic, including HDPE, LDPE, uPVC, PET, and much more.
Our team offers great rebates for large volumes of baled plastic and cardboard waste. To increase the profits of your recyclable materials, please have the waste baled. We can supply balers for hire that will help you store your waste.
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What Can We Recycle?

Cardboard Recycling

We collect cardboard waste such as corrugated cardboard, shipping packaging, boxes and more. This is at a 4 tonne minimum and must be baled or stacked on pallets.

PMMA Recycling

Acrylic requires specialist handling and equipment. At Plastic Expert, we are proud to be one of the few specialist centres in the UK offering acrylic recycling.

LDPE Recycling

Low density polyethylene bales can be collected from businesses. LDPE is commonly found in films and plastic packaging.

EPS (Polystyrene)

Polystyrene can be collected if it’s compressed using an EPS machine. This allows the material to be compacted for transport. We can supply polystyrene compaction machines.

HDPE Recycling

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. It is a versatile plastic used for items such as piping, plant pots, and containers.

Farm Recycling

Farm plastic recycling often consists of waste such as bale wrap, polytunnel, fertiliser bags and agricultural film. We collect and recycle these materials and more for farms.

How Our Plastic Recycling Collection Service In Cardiff Works

When contacting our team, let us know the type and quantity of your waste. We can then arrange a suitable collection day and provide your rebate price. Once this is agreed upon, our waste recycler team will collect and transport it to our licensed recycling facilities. All of the waste can then be repurposed into new products.

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We provide recycling services and collect from anywhere in Cardiff or Wales. The plastic is redirected to licensed recycling centres where the material is made ready for onwards recycling in the UK & overseas. If your business is looking for an efficient waste management service please get in touch today for a chat free of charge.

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