Plastic Recycling Cambridgeshire

Plastic Recycling Cambridgeshire 

Did you know that your recyclable waste has an inherent value? For years, businesses have been paying to get rid of their plastic waste, but Plastic Expert can help solve that. Our methods proven to slash your waste management costs and provide an additional rebate for your waste material. By employing our waste cost reduction system and Plastic Recycling Cambridgeshire Service, businesses have been able to boast about their Green credentials, whilst welcoming cost and environmental savings. Here’s how it works:

Make a note of how much plastic you are disposing of on a weekly basis
Make a note of how many bins you have and how frequently they are being collected
Give us a call so we can use this information to see how much you can save
Begin separating this recyclable material from your waste stream, keeping it in a dry place
Organize a collection with your dedicated account manager and receive payment quickly and efficiently.
Celebrate your partnership with Plastic Expert!


Unsure what kind of plastics you are dealing with? Not sure if your plastic waste is valuable?

Plastic Expert’s Plastic Recycling Cambridgeshire Service has the ability to collect and recycle many different types of plastic. If you are unsure about a plastic’s type, our expert team will be able to help. Here are some of the plastics we purchase:

-Pallet/Shrink Wrap
-Plastic drums and buckets
-Plastic banding and strapping
-Hessian sacks
-Plastic crates, bins and containers

Why recycling is essential for your business!
Believe it or not, making sure your business recycles is an important process that must be done by law. That’s a really negative spin though, because there are numerous businesses out there who are gaining new customers by forming a decisive environmental policy. Sharing information with your current and potential customers about how ethical and environmentally friendly is an important trust activity.

We offer recycling services in the whole United Kingdom, so collecting waste in Cambridgeshire is not a problem. The Plastic Recycling Cambridgeshire Service takes collected waste to a licensed recycling facility where it is made ready for reprocessing in the UK or overseas.

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