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One Of The UK’s 1st Schools To Recycle Artificial Football Pitch

Clevedon school becomes one of the first schools to recycle their plastic pitch. Rather than sending the waste to landfill, the pitch can be repurposed into new products for schools including rulers. The new recycling method was introduced last year, and the school in North Somert has become one of the first to implement the recycling process.  

How Will The Pitch Be Recycled?

The sand will be removed from the pitch before it is then shredded into plastic pellets. These pellets can then be recycled and used to create a range of products for the market. This will stop a huge amount of waste from being sent to landfill where pollution is made.

Choosing a firm that had “the ability to recycle it was absolutely crucial”, he explained, saying he was “really excited” to become the first school to take up such an opportunity. – BBC News

The Importance Of Recycling Plastic

Recycling plastic, such as the vast amount that is seen in artificial pitches, is crucial for our planet. When plastic ends up in landfill sites, it can fester for years emitting harmful toxins and damaging the earth. 

Having a recycling process in place to recycle pitches for schools is incredibly important to repurpose the materials into new products. This is even more effective when they can be recycled into new products for the school to use again. 

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