Mura Announce World’s First Commercial-Scale Plant To Recycle All Forms Of Plastic

Mura Announce World’s First Commercial-Scale Plant To Recycle All Forms Of Plastic

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In a world filled with nature, there is still plastic finding its way everywhere and anywhere. Recycling a material able to withstand hundreds of years from decomposition proves a difficult task. Engineers, scientists and eager environmentalists try their best to find ways to deal with the growing concern of plastic waste. However, the exciting news to be shared in the world of recycling… the world’s first large-scale centre to recycle all the different kinds of plastic. 

The Plastic Problem

Plastic that has been contaminated with food or drink residue is refused at some recycling centres, which means that even a smaller percentage of plastic gets recycled. 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic has been produced and continues to be produced on a mass scale. Recycling plastic has proven to be a complex challenge the world faces. 91% of all plastic worldwide is not recycled, which means that creating technology and building recycling plants that can deal with all kinds of plastic is vital. Plastic is often shipped to countries all over the world to be recycled due to the magnitude of the waste that some countries do not have the facilities to process. This means that even more pollution and waste is created as a result. 

Current Plans For Mura Technology

The waste treatment plant has started being built in Teesside, North England and will finish construction in 2022. Innovative technology from Mura Technology’s combination of HydroPRS and Cat-HTR technology reverses all plastics back despite its condition into its original state to be re-purposed into new products infinitely. Items that can’t be recycled such as contaminated plastic, degraded or decomposing plastic, tyres and rubber can be returned back into the oils and chemicals it once was. 

What Is In Store For The Future?

UK-based company Mura Technology has found a way to defeat the current hurdles in recycling plastic and has plans to build sites in the US and Germany. According to Mura, one recycling plant will be able to process 80,000 tonnes of plastic waste per year, reaching one million tonnes worldwide by 2025. Over three-hundred-and-fifty billion metric tons of plastic were produced in 2018 alone. This number is expected to continue to rise. Yet in theory, the new recycling centres by Mura Technology that are planned on being built would be able to tackle one-third of all virgin plastic produced worldwide. Although preventing companies from producing new plastic is proven impossible. Creating the ability to break down already existing plastics that are not ‘up to standard’ of currently recycling is a big step forward in the right direction. 

Plastic Expert’s Recycling

As a recycling company, we offer a range of services to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and waste going into landfill. For more information, feel free to give us a ring at 01327 811850 or email [email protected].

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