Merchant Gourmet Launches Appetite for Change Recycle Scheme

Appetite for Change Recycle Scheme

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Enval’s Recycle Scheme Welcomes Merchant Gourmet

Merchant Gourmet launches Appetite for Change Recycle Scheme, partnering with Enval’s zero waste to landfill recycling scheme. Appetite for Change Recycling Scheme is set to launch in March when Enval will be recycling a variety of the company’s food packaging. Customers of Merchant Gourmet will also be able to request a free recycling kit, where they are able to send the packaging to Enval.

Appetite For Change Recycle Scheme

Merchant Gourmet has announced that they want to help save the planet one delicious plant-based meal at a time.” The company previously had struggles with its products’ recyclability. Much of the packaging waste was being sent to landfill, resulting in the company being on the look-out for a solution to ensure no plastic is left unrecycled. Consumers’ process could not be easier, simply clean out the packs you want to recycle, and pop them into one of their pre-paid envelopes. You will be sent one of the envelopes made from recycled material when signing up for their newsletter using the Appetite for Change web page.

The Laminates League Recycling Process With Enval

The multiple layers of materials used in Merchant Gourmet packaging can be challenging to recycle. Enval is able to use innovative technology that can handle the low-density packaging used, recycling the material into oils that can be repurposed back into new plastics. The technology used by Enval will be used to recycle Merchant Gourmet’s pulses and grains pouches, as well as puree packs. Enval’s technology separates aluminium from plastic packaging, reintroducing the material back into manufacture for new products. As well as Merchant Gourmet, Enval is working alongside big names such as Yeo Valley, BIB Wine Company, and Funkin Cocktails, providing sustainable solutions for hard to recycle plastics. With such large companies approaching the recyclability of their products, this can help prompt worldwide focus on how food companies are treating their packaging waste. and encourage businesses to focus on their contribution to the sustainability of our planet.

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