Local Authority - Wheelie Bin collection

Local Authority Wheelie Bin Collection

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Plastic Expert received a call from a local authority in the South of England, who had over 2000 end of life plastic wheelie bins that needed to be collected and recycled. The bins were situated inside an unused tunnel that was 2km long, and had been there for over 2 years dormant. The main reason this being, was that they were unsure how they could remove all of these wheelie bins in a cost effective and environmentally-friendly way. At Plastic Expert, we provided just that. We ensured efficiency and affordability with our recycling and collection service, presenting a sustainable solution for the local authority.

How We Helped

Plastic Expert firstly dedicated an account manager to deal with their case appropriately. We assessed and measured the entrance for them, and also spent time talking to the customer about what vehicle would be best to use for the location. We made sure we organised a moffett curtain sider lorry with our own driver to load for them, making the whole experience smooth and time effective. In total, 6 lorries were sent to clear all their redundant wheelie bins, on days that suited the customers needs and catered to their busy schedules. Within just 3 weeks we had all the bins cleared, providing them with a quick and reliable collection service.

Collection and Recycling

Once we collected the bins they were sent straight to a licenced recycling facility. To prepare for the recycling process, we separated any wheels that were left on the bins, followed by shredding and then granulating the bins into pellets. These pellets will then be reintroduced back into the plastic manufacturing market to be made into new household and commercial products. For over 2 years these wheelie bins sat abandoned, and in just over 3 weeks we had them ready to be recycled into other useful items, saving vital energy and resources used for new products.

End of Life Wheelie Bins

Local Authority - Wheelie Bin collection

Reporting and Documentation

As part of the service, we always provide our customers with waste transfer notes and full duty of care documentation. These were sent by email to the local authority to keep for their own files, with the driver also required to take copies on the day of collection. This ensures us and our customers are provided with legal authorisation for our collection and recycling services.

Environmental Impact and Cost Savings

The positive environmental impact recycling plastic has on our environments is vital to the sustainability of our planet. Recycling can save mountains of space in landfills, reserve energy, protect natural resources, and also prevent pollution. Many businesses can also save money and boost their green credentials by ensuring their waste is managed effectively: the local authority saved thousands on disposal costs, not to mention having to spend money on their own staff from transporting the bins to another location.

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