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Lego Donation for The Paddington and Disney Children’s Ward

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With Christmas getting closer, Plastic Expert decided to give £350 worth of lego to the Paddington and Disney children’s ward at Northampton Hospital. This donation meant even more after this difficult year, and to go to a local hospital ward meant everything to us, being able to boost the community spirit and show our support in Northamptonshire.

Paddington Ward

Paddington ward cares for children with a wide range of acute medical conditions, including those suffering with chronic conditions such as diabetes, cystic fibrosis & asthma. The ward provides a child focused environment and is staffed by a large team of doctors, nurses, play specialists, receptionists & cleaners. 

This incredible children’s ward has activities regularly arranged for the children by play specialists and nursery nurses, helping to create a playful and normal atmosphere for the children there. Being able to contribute these toys for the ward and support the day-to-day playful activities arranged for them is exactly what we wanted for our Christmas donation.

Why Did We Choose This?

We chose the Disney and Paddington ward here because this is a local hospital to us, which needs all of our support. With so much focus on the NHS this year, it was clear for us that we wanted to help the hospital, and in particular this children’s ward.


The £350 worth of lego all has a recycling/construction theme in relation to our services at Plastic Expert, and can be enjoyed by all ages! Our team member Gary popped in just before Christmas to drop off boxes of lego for the children, and was able to briefly meet with the friendly staff members there. Due to Covid 19 restrictions at the hospital, it unfortunately was not possible to visit the ward, however a follow up visit in the new year has been planned to see the children, and what amazing constructions they have built from their lego!

Recycling/Construction Lego


Lego Donation for the Disney and Paddington Children's Ward

Our Christmas Donation

Having the chance to donate these toys over the Christmas period for the children’s ward in these circumstances was amazing for us at Plastic Expert. We hope that this support brings the children hours of fun to enjoy with friends and family visiting.

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