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Plastic Expert Joins KidsOut For Charity Donation

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Ticket Donations To The Local Pantomime

Throughout the year Plastic Expert try to give as much back as we can to the community, especially around our local area. For Christmas this year, we have joined with KidsOut & donated four tickets to the local Pantomime for a group of vulnerable children to watch a show!

Each Christmas, the team at Plastic Expert give to a charity to help people in the community through what can be a difficult time for many. Making a difference and helping others is a key part of our ethos at Plastic Expert.


KidsOut charity

Who Are KidsOut?

KidsOut is a charity working nationwide with local refuges and organisations. The charity brings happiness to children who are disadvantaged, whether through special educational needs, poverty or domestic abuse.

They work nationwide with local refuges and organisations helping tens of thousands of children every year. As KidsOut provides fun experiences for vulnerable children, we wanted to help by donating tickets to a pantomime for them to enjoy.

How You Can Help This Christmas

There are many charities across the UK that are helping people in need this Christmas. At KidsOut specifically, you are able to donate, join them to fundraise, or volunteer locally. The charity often sets up sponsored events for people to take part in and auctions. 

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