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Noodle Giant Itsu Now Use The Fully-Recyclable K3® Pack From Greiner Packaging

Itsu has recently swapped out its instant noodles packaging for a more sustainable alternative from Greiner Packaging. Originally packed in a cardboard pot, the brand now packages their noodles in the fully-recyclable K3 pack from Greiner Packaging. This packaging solution is designed using a PP plastic cup wrapped in a removable cardboard sleeve, which can easily be removed for recycling purposes. Having this ability enables separation of materials so that they can be recycled appropriately.

What Itsu Have To Say:

“As a brand, we are always striving to improve product recyclability and sustainability. Our udon’noodles were previously packaged in a cardboard pot, which was double-laminated, and therefore non-recyclable. It also had a plastic lid, which was recyclable, but made from virgin plastic. Plastic packaging is negatively perceived by consumers, particularly if it is not made from recycled plastics. By moving to a widely recyclable foil lid, the negative connotations are removed, and it is clear to the consumer that it is easily recyclable.” – says Katrina Burrows, Packaging Change Manager at Itsu Grocery.

Itsu have said that they will continue to improve the sustainability of their product ranges wherever possible, pushing for the ultimate green packaging solution. Innovation Manager Rachel Sheldon from Greiner Packaging has said that “The K3® pack therefore represents a perfect solution as it is fully recyclable and uses less plastic. 

What Are The Benefits Of Recyclable Packaging?

For a huge business such as Itsu, finding a recyclable and sustainable solution to their products is essential with the mass market. Creating recyclable packaging means that each of their customers is able to dispose of the pack correctly and ensure it is recycled into new products. This means minimal waste sent to landfill, raw materials saved and less pollution on the planet. 

Who Are Greiner Packaging?

Greiner packaging create green packaging solutions with the mission to establish a recycling loop for products made of plastic. Their ambitions are to make all of their plastic packaging 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable, along with using as much recycled material as possible during manufacturing. 

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