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#InTheLoop Recycling Bins At Wimbledon 2021

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Evian Partners With Hubbub For Wimbledon

Evian has announced their partnership with #InTheLoop at Wimbledon 2021, where they will be introducing 50 recycling bins in the London Borough of Merton throughout the month. This innovative recycling scheme will ensure that the busy event full of people is promoting recycling throughout Wimbledon, allowing easy and sustainable disposal of plastic bottles and cans every day. The 50 recycling bins will be placed at The Broadway, Wimbledon Hill, and Wimbledon Village. This is where the hustle and bustle of the event is at peak, and will have a huge positive impact on recycling rates for the areas. 

Hubbub, who are partnering with Evain, aim to ‘Inspire ways of living that are good for the environment’. The charity has delivered more than 110 environmental campaigns and collaborated with over 1600 organisations ranging from international businesses to small local authorities. A few schemes the charity have worked on include 5000000 coffee cups collected and recycled as part of The Square Mile Challenge, and 4 cities now #InTheLoop with recycling on-the-go infrastructure; resulting in 2.1 million materials being diverted from landfill and recycled. 

The #InTheLoop Wimbledon campaign will also run with Merton’s environmental charity Sustainable Merton, which is working to reduce single-use plastic across the borough. They are also taking action to improve air quality, lower energy consumption, and reduce food waste.

Evians Sustainability Mission

Last year, Evian announced the incredible news that they are launching 100% recycled PET bottles (rPET) by 2025. Whilst adopting this circular economy, vital raw materials will be recycled and reused continuously. This will save energy used in the constant production of plastic materials, and will remove plastic bottles from landfills, oceans, and other environments where we are seeing dier plastic pollution on the planet. 

Words From Evian

“We owe everything to nature, so we’re going all in on preserving and protecting it with our pioneering spirit that drives us to find revolutionary and sustainable ways to limit packaging waste and promote recycling.” – Evian’s Sustainability Actions

Importance Of Recycling

During such a large event like Wimbledon, a huge amount of litter can be generated along with the wrong disposal of drink and food waste. By providing these recycling bins across the event, people will be given easy access to dispose of waste sustainably. Recycling will also help save energy, whilst stopping pollution to the ground and toxic gas emissions through both productions of plastic and during the time it takes to break down.

Recycling With Plastic Expert

At Plastic Expert, we are passionate about diverging waste from landfill and provide a specialist plastic recycling service to businesses of all sizes. We can have your waste collected, recycled, and offer sustainable solutions with our ethical recycling processes.

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