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How To Use A Baler At Your Business

Balers allow your organisation to compress waste materials down into smaller, compact blocks. These can then be easily stored, and ready for waste collections and to enter the recycling process. Using baler machines requires training and instructions prior to ensure safety at all times when operating the machinery.

Any warning labels on the balers should never be ignored, and should be visible for all operators to see. These will present any dangers and important information regarding the baler. You should also conduct regular safety checks on your baler to look-out for any issues or faults that may have occurred after usage. 

You should also have your team study the operator manual, and only have the trained employees operate the machine; no one under the age of 18 should ever use the baler.

Although there are important steps to take, balers are easy and quick to operate once you understand the fundamentals. Some of the machines have different features that you should familiarise yourself with, especially if there are multiple balers for different waste streams on site.

How Do Balers Work

When operating a baler, you place the waste into a feed which leads to a chamber. Here, plates crush the material together so that it is compressed into smaller bundles. One these blocks are made, you can then tie the bales together using baling wire or tape to bound them securely. 

This means that you can have an organised and effective waste management solution to handling your waste streams, requiring little labour time and even opening up opportunities to make money from your bales. Many companies offer rebates on baled recyclable materials, which will help to enhance your organisation’s green credentials.

Hire Your Baler With Us

Fed up of waste bins overflowing and waste cluttered around? Grab yourself a baler or compactor to help create a more efficient workplace! At Plastic Expert, we have a huge variety of equipment available for you to start managing your waste streams easily. Enquire now by emailing us at [email protected]

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