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How To Operate A Baler Machine

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Operating Your Waste Baler

Operating a baler is simple for individuals to effectively manage their waste streams. This highly efficient piece of machinery takes your waste materials and compresses them to reduce waste volumes. You can then use baling consumables such as wire and tape to contain them into nifty blocks to store for collections.

However, before using this equipment you must read and understand the warning labels to avoid accidents, and familiarise yourself with the safety standards. Make sure to always have labels clean and visible for people operating the baler, not only will this reduce the risk of accidents but also improve your baling result with proper use. 

Make sure to train specific people in your team who will operate the baler and do not let anyone who is not familiar use the machine. Different balers can also operate differently, therefore If you have multiple types of balers on site, have your team fully understand the characteristics of each. 

Why Your Business Could Benefit From A Baler

Having a baler at your business comes with a range of benefits. Cutting labour time, boosting recycling rates and being highly cost effective are just a few to name. Rather than managing multiple waste streams, overflowing bins and a messy workplace, you can compact your waste into small blocks. This saves time for your team, and also saves trips for waste collectors to remove the materials. Not only does this save you money, but also time spent handling the materials.

Being able to store your waste appropriately and segregate materials also means that you can recycle the waste. This is critical for businesses creating large volumes of waste, who need to have an effective recycling programme in place to increase sustainability across your organisation. Many waste management companies also offer rebates for items such as cardboard and plastic, meaning you can find a new stream of revenue for what you would usually just throw away!

Hire Your Waste Baler With Us

If you are interested in hiring or buying a waste baler or compactor, Plastic Expert has a huge variety to offer. Get in touch with our friendly team today and we will be happy to help you choose the best equipment for your specific requirements. We can even collect and recycle the waste for you, offering rebates for bulk loads of waste. We are passionate about diverting waste from landfill, and can work with you to boost your green credentials!

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