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How To Dispose Of Hazardous Waste In The Workplace

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Dispose Of Hazardous Waste Safely In The Workplace

When you dispose of hazardous waste in the workplace you must ensure that you follow the correct guidelines and rules for the safety of your team and the environment surrounding you. Waste materials that risk harm to human health or the environment are classified as hazardous, and if your business produces these types of waste its important to understand how to dispose of your hazardous waste safely. 

What Types Of Waste Are Hazardous Materials?

  • Contaminated containers
  • Chemicals
  • Medical waste
  • Electrical equipment
  • Batteries
  • Aerosols
  • Asbestos
  • Oils

Waste Management Companies For The Waste Disposal Of Hazardous Materials

At Plastic Expert we provide hazardous waste disposal across the UK for businesses. We have a team of specialists who recycle or dispose hazardous waste in the workplace, with experience working with clients such as manufacturers, schools and warehouses. You have a duty of care to ensure not only are hazardous materials disposed of appropriately, but also recycled where possible. This is where we are able to help. Dedicated to building a sustainable planet, we recycle all waste where possible to have minimal impact on the world. 

If you are dealing with oils or chemical waste, we also sell plastic barrel drums to contain the liquid. Not only do we collect waste and recycle hazardous materials, but also plastic, cardboard and paper. 

Guidelines Surrounding Hazardous Waste

The Environment Agency and government have published guidelines and rules surrounding dealing with hazardous waste. Before sending it to a recycling or waste management company, you must identify and classify your waste. This means describing your waste with the classification code, whether its hazardous or POPs waste, how or where it was produced, the name, an analysis of the components and any specific problems. 

It is also illegal to mix any hazardous waste. You must separate waste at the workplace, and keep it contained in a dedicated area with clear labels. A barrier should also be up and secure lids to ensure no leakage occurs and mistakes are not made, which could pose a risk to humans or the environment. Make sure to have a rota set up to regularly check where your hazardous waste is stored, and conduct a risk assessment.

Contact Plastic Expert For Your Hazardous Waste Disposal

If you are producing or storing hazardous waste at your business and need help with disposing of the materials safely, then get in touch with our team today. We can arrange a collection on a day that suits you and clear the waste off your site professionally and efficiently. We can also collect other waste types, and transport any materials collected to licensed recycling facilities for repurposing into new products.

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