How to dispose of farm plastic

How To Dispose Farm Waste

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Dispose Of Your Farm Waste Sustainably

Farm waste is an inevitable by-product of agricultural activities, and it is essential to ensure that it is disposed of in an appropriate and responsible manner. This not only helps to maintain a clean and healthy environment but also ensures that the waste is processed in a way that is compliant with the relevant waste management regulations. In this article, we will look at the steps that farmers can take to dispose of farm waste, and how our business can help to manage this process.

Bales Wrapped In Farm Plastic

how to dispose farm plastic waste

Steps Farmers Can Take To Dispose Of Farm Waste

Determine Your Waste Materials

One of the first things that farmers need to consider when disposing of farm waste is to determine the type of waste that they have. Different types of farm waste have different requirements for disposal, and it is essential to ensure that the waste is processed in the correct manner. For example, waste oils and other hazardous wastes require specialised disposal methods, while other types of waste, such as farm plastic can be recycled.

Store Waste Responsibly

When disposing of farm waste, it is essential to ensure that the waste is stored and transported in a safe and responsible manner. This helps to minimise the risk of harm to people and the environment. This can include:

  • Using appropriate containers to store the waste
  • Ensuring that the waste is properly secured during transportation
  • Ensuring that the waste is processed at a registered waste disposal site.

Another important factor to consider when disposing of farm waste is the method of disposal. Burning waste is not recommended as it can release toxic chemicals into the environment. If your waste ends up in landfill sites, it will also have a major impact on polluting the atmosphere.

We Recycle Farm Plastic In The UK

In the case of farm plastics, our business offers a recycling service that is designed to provide farmers with a convenient and responsible way to dispose of their waste. Our professional waste carriers will collect your waste and transport it to our recycling facility. We will provide you with necessary documents, such as a waste transfer note. We not only help to reduce the impact of farm waste on the environment, but also ensure that the waste is disposed of in a way that is compliant.

The Benefits Of Our Farm Plastic Recycling Service

Farmers also have a legal duty of care to ensure that their waste is disposed of appropriately. This duty of care extends to all types of waste, including hazardous wastes, and it is essential to ensure that these regulations are followed to maintain safety. We recycle everything from agricultural waste film to polytunnel, so get in touch about your requirements today.


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