Mill Size Baler Cost

How Much Does A Mill Size Baler Cost?

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Mill Size Baler Cost

If you are looking to reduce large volumes of waste into mill size bales to increase efficiency and reduce costs, then a mill size baler from Plastic Expert is your solution. Our mill size vertical balers for sale are perfect for handling a range of waste such as paper, cardboard and plastic waste materials.

The cost of vertical mill size balers varies depending on your chosen model. We can provide a full cost-benefit analysis to ensure that a mill size baler is most suitable for your business. Our machines can be purchased outright or leased over a 3 or 5 years period.

What Is A Mill Size Baler?

A mill size baler produces bale weights of up to 500kg, with a press force of 50 tonnes. This recycling baler can handle high volumes of waste and press the materials into neat compact blocks, making them quick to transport and easy to store at your premises. 

The robust 500 baler also has a five wire tying system, automatic opening for simplicity and a bale ejection option to increase safety. If you are looking for consumables to assist with your baling equipment, we also sell baling wire, twine, tape and strapping to help with securing the bales.

The Benefits Of Having A Mill Size Baler For Your Business

There is a range of advantages to having a mill size baler to handle waste materials. With a larger loading aperture, you can cut labour time feeding the machine and increase load capacities. As the machine can hold more waste, and with a cycle time of 40 seconds, you can produce your bale quickly and speed up waste handling at your business. 

You can also create a revenue stream through your waste management with the help of a mill size baler. These bale sizes have a much better rebate value in comparison to smaller bales, therefore are highly cost-effective for your business. 

Whilst a waste collection service from a company such as ourselves offers competitive rebates, we can also ensure that the waste materials are recycled where possible. This means we are working together to cut our carbon footprint and increase recycling rates across your business. Enhancing your green credentials will not only give you admiration from customers and the edge over competitors, but also help to save raw materials from being overused. This means you can recycle waste and have it reintroduced back into the industry rather than piling up in landfills where it can contribute to the rate of global warming.

Hire Your Waste Baler With Plastic Expert

At Plastic Expert we have a range of vertical and horizontal waste balers available. A few modules that we offer include the 75, 250 and 500 baling press. As well as balers, we also sell waste compactors to help manage all different types of waste materials. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss the best equipment for your specific requirements, and we will be happy to help assist you in the right direction.

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