Manufacturers Are Going Greener

How British Manufacturers Are Going Greener

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The Top Three Ways Manufacturers Can Go Greener

Many manufacturers are focusing on creating a greener workplace with the current demand for sustainability across businesses. In manufacturing, a huge amount of waste can be created, therefore it is important to manage these materials safely and ensure as much waste as possible is being recycled correctly. 

The companies may also emit a larger amount of air and water pollution than others, opening up the desire from many to find ways in which they can improve spaces and processes. 

In this article, we are going to explore our top three ways you can create a greener manufacturing business.

#1. Reducing and Reusing Packaging

Starting by reducing packaging can be a great way to limit the amount you and consumers are throwing away. This can be done by using eco-friendly packaging, such as with the use of recycled products or organic materials during production. The processes used to create these types of packaging use minimal energy, and will require much less costs for your business to purchase. By using sustainable packaging you will be able to deduct your carbon footprint, whilst also improving your business image.

#2. Recycling Waste

Recycling your waste has endless environmental benefits. Whether you are generating large amounts of plastic, cardboard, paper, metals, wood or hazardous waste, it can all be recycled. Making sure to set up an effective recycling program will ensure that waste is correctly segregated, and recycled where possible. This will limit the amount of rubbish ending up in landfills, emitting toxins and finding its way into our environments. You will also save vital raw resources from being overused, along with large amounts of energy during the creation of materials.

#3. Adding Plants To Your Space!

Including plants in your working space and on the building exterior can have an incredible impact on both the environment and your team’s mentality. Manufacturing spaces can often be busy with varying mechanics, therefore plants can help to purify the air and reduce C02 levels, whilst creating a brighter, more vibrant space for your team. Businesses such as Simply Plants are able to offer workspace and office plant hire for businesses in many locations across the UK, you can even try out a no-obligation free trial for your manufacturing company to get started!

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