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How Garden Centres Can Recycle More Plastic & Cardboard

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Increase Your Garden Centres Recycling Rates

Garden centres are often a haven of peace and natural beauty, yet, behind the scenes, they generate substantial amounts of plastic and cardboard waste. From PP plant pots and trays to packaging materials, these items can pose significant environmental concerns if not disposed of properly. This is where we step in, turning these potential problems into sustainable solutions.

By recycling more plastic and cardboard from garden centres, businesses can divert large amounts from incineration and landfill. In this article, we will share our top tips that could help garden centres and similar businesses improve their recycling practices. 

Together, we can create a future where our passion for nature goes hand in hand with a strong commitment to preserving it.

4 Top Tips To Recycle More Plastic and Cardboard At Garden Centres

Organise Collections For Recyclables

By partnering with a waste management team such as Plastic Expert, we can ensure that your waste materials are recycled effectively. This will allow you to successfully recycle materials whilst creating an efficient approach to your waste management. Items we may collect include plant pots, baled cardboard, PS trays and much more.

Install Recycling Stations

Installing clear, labelled recycling stations throughout your garden centre will ensure your team are recycling properly. This makes it easier to dispose of waste and avoids the risk of materials ending up in general waste. Having recycling bins placed with labels will also help your employees dispose of waste correctly and increase recycling rates. 

Ensure Waste Segregation

Segregating waste appropriately is vital in ensuring it is recycled. If materials are mixed, this can hinder the recycling process and increase the amount ending up in landfills. Educating your staff and using colour-coded, clear signs will encourage this action.

Invest In A Waste Baler

Waste balers are equipment used to press large volumes of waste down into compact blocks. These are then prepared appropriately for recyclers to collect and transport to facilities. Whilst the volumes are decreased, this also saves transportation and reduces your carbon footprint on the road. You can purchase or hire balers for plastic, cardboard, glass and other materials. 

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cardboard recycling bales

What Garden Waste Do We Recycle?

At Plastic Expert, we collect and recycle a range of garden centre waste. This includes the following materials:

  • Baled card
  • Baled LDPE film
  • Palletised or baled PP pots
  • Palletised or baled PS trays
  • Pallets / Dolavs / IBC’s
  • Other mixed rigid plastic
  • Palletised / baled card 

Recycle Your Garden Centre Plastic & Cardboard With Us

If you run a garden centre and are looking for a sustainable solution to managing your waste, get in touch with our team. We can collect and recycle a range of plastic materials and cardboard, helping you boost recycling rates and cut carbon emissions. With these tips, you can lead an even greener business that is diverting waste from landfill and reducing pollution for the planet.

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