Hi there, would you like to introduce yourself and the business?

Hahn Plastics Ltd is part of the HAHN Group, leader in the development and manufacture of outdoor technical plastic products. We have been producing high-quality products from recycled plastics for 20 years. Using state of the art technology and moulding tools, along with technical expertise, we develop innovative products. log roll

Could you tell us a bit about the history of Hahn Plastics?

The HAHN Group was founded in 1993 through Hahn Kunststoffe GMBH. At that time the recycled plastics industry was still in its infancy. There was little in the way of sophisticated production know-how, let alone marketable products. From a humble beginning, turning yogurt pots into park benches, the industry, led by Hahn Kunststoffe GMBH has moved on to a wide range of final applications. In 2012 the Hahn Plastics Ltd; the Manchester sales office and warehouse opened where we continue to maintain development at the high standards set from our parent company.

Could you tell us about some of the benefits of your recycled plastic products?

hanit® is a family of highly engineered blends of recycled plastics, which use Hahn’s unique patented manufacturing process. hanit® products offer significant advantages over traditional materials such as wood, steel, concrete and virgin plastics. hanit® materials are 100% recyclable. Our products and strong, durable, weather proof and decay resistant. They have a smooth finish which resembles wooden materials however are splinter free, easy handling and installation, and are lifetime cost effective. We ensure they have an attractive finish and most importantly they are environmentally friendly.

What is Hahn Plastic's mission?

The Hahn Group have three main Core Competences.
  • Product Development - To update and extend our range of products; we continuously develop new products for the different branches of trade and industrial sectors.
  • Production – With intrusions, extrusion and injection moulding and pressing we produce about 36,000 tons of hanit® products (profiles, pre-cast elements, systems).
  • Recycling – At present about 25.000 tons of mixed plastic from household and industrial collections are recycles to high grade agglomerate.

Can you tell us a bit about your 'Environmental and Quality Management'?

By mechanically recycling plastic packaging from household and industrial collections, Hahn Plastics Ltd actively contribute to the protection of our environment and its resources. Products made from hanit® are highly eco-friendly. Being chemically inert, they do not contaminate the environment in which they are utilised.

What sort of supply chain process do you enforce to ensure sustainable sourcing?

Over 50% of the light packaging materials from household collections consist of plastics. Today mixed plastics, especially film, gain in increasing importance, whereas in the past, primarily product groups like cups and bottles were sorted. Open House

What does the future hold for Hahn Plastics?

Industry is facing increasingly complex tasks. Innovative solutions are required to address these challenges. One solution is the increased use of plastics. Plastics are innovative materials. Many technical developments in industry, agriculture, forestry as well as horticulture and our focus area of landscaping would not be possible without the specific application of new materials. Due to the very good price-performance, our hanit® material is increasingly replacing traditionally used materials such as wood, steel, metal, concrete and virgin plastics. Technical progress and material development go hand in hand. Recycled materials such as hanit® and profiles, precast elements as well as systems derived from it, are pioneers for economic and ecological progress. Here at Hahn Plastics Ltd our aim for the future is to continue growing the use of recycled plastic products within the UK. For our parent company in Germany, the norm is for recycled plastic fencing, decking etc; the use of timber for this is extremely rare. We would love to achieve this within the UK with hanit® being THE brand within the market.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We are currently running a bench competition, to find the worst looking bench within the UK. We have had a number of photos sent in from people’s local parks or town centres of benches which have seen better days. We will be accepting photos until October 31st, and on November 3rd we will announce the winner. We will then replace that bench with our 100% recycled plastic eclipse bench. In November we are also holding two Open House Events. We want to give all landscapers, BALI members and any other associated landscaping businesses the chance to gain a better understanding into how recycled plastic products can be used within the industry. The events will include a factory tour, a product demonstration and the opportunity to "ask the expert" any questions they may have. And if that isn't enough, a FREE LUNCH is also available. Email katie.fairhurst@hahnplastics.co.uk now to secure your place. Bench competition