Food Manufacturing Case Study

Food Manufacturing Case Study – Sea Food Industry

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Rebates For Polystyrene Boxes

One of our customers in the sea food industry is left with an excessive amount of polystyrene boxes that have contained many fish products. This business was on the hunt for a solution to minimise polystyrene materials ending up in their general waste bin whilst saving money in the process.

As all the boxes were previously thrown into general waste, this resulted in the materials ending up in landfill, rather than being recycled. The business was also missing out on the opportunity to sell their waste to a waste management company such as ourselves. 

To avoid this, they have bought an EPS compactor to help avoid unnecessary costs and store waste appropriately for collection. The compactor creates briquettes and these are then palletised neatly into blocks. They also produce baled cardboard for recycling using the compactor machine.  

Palletised Materials

polystyrene recyclingcardboard bale recycling




How We Helped

We helped by offering to purchase and collect the palletised EPS alongside their baled cardboard, creating a one stop shop solution. Although not a full lorry load, we were still able to help recycle a smaller amount for them. This has enabled the business to create an efficient commercial waste disposal process where they can even make money!

Lorry Loading

Food Manufacturing Case Study





The Collection & Recycling Process

Once collected, both grades will be delivered into the same processing site where the EPS will go through a further compacting process. The briquettes are placed into a machine that then shreds them into new general purpose polystyrene pallets. 

As for the cardboard, this material goes through a number of recycling stages starting with sorting/shredding. The waste then moves onto a pulp filtration stage. More can be found about this process on our cardboard recycling page.

Recycling Reports & Documentation

A full report including the total recorded weights were given out to the customer following the completion of this collection. This provides our customers with both legal documentation, and data to understand the full collection and recycling process we have provided. These documents also present the huge advantages of our waste services.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert the customer avoided disposing of this product in general waste, which saved space in landfill sites and the environment from further pollution. The service also cut their costs and allowed us to offer the customer rebates on this material: Opening up a new stream of money for what would usually be thrown away as rubbish. 

If you are ready to experience the cost and environmental benefits that Plastic Expert has to offer, get in touch with our team today. Our business waste services are used by companies from a variety of sectors, helping businesses across the UK cut costs and their carbon footprint!

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