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EPS Collection – Construction Company in Bristol

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EPS Recycling Case Study

We received an enquiry from a construction company in Bristol who needed help recycling 4+ tonnes of EPS (in briquette form). The EPS recycling had come from a tower block refurbishment job that the company had completed. This job involves the company stripping down the tower block and reclads.

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is 100% recyclable. The material is a lightweight and rigid plastic foam with numerous applications due to its insulating and cushioning properties. EPS is widely used in packaging materials, and is also employed as thermal insulation in buildings.

How We Helped

Plastic Expert provided the site with a collection within a few days of the initial enquiry, and were able to collect the total amount on one lorry. The site provided staff and loading equipment to load the curtain sider lorry. This created an efficient service for the customer and allowed them to clear the EPS waste quickly.  

eps waste collection

Collection & Recycling Process

The EPS will be recycled domestically and will go through a further compacting process. The briquettes are placed into a machine that then shreds them into new general purpose polystyrene pallets. 

Recycling Reports & Documentation

Full recycling documentation and a report including the total recorded weights were given to the customer following the completion of this collection. The site requested reports for proof of recycling from ourselves, so that they could show their client the sustainable efforts.

Environmental & Cost Benefits

By recycling with Plastic Expert the customer avoided disposing of this product, which often ends up in landfills and polluting our environment. Our recycling services also saved them disposal costs whilst boosting their green credentials.

Looking forward they have a further two blocks to strip on one of their projects and are starting other projects that will generate more EPS. This means we can help by safely recycling their waste in the future.

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