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Corona Tackles Sustainability With New Packaging Made From Barley

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Corona has created a new, circular form of packaging for 6-pack made from ‘waste’ product barley straws as a new sustainable method. Today marks the launch of the product, the test run took place in Colombia this March with 10,000 six packs, it will continue later in 2021 in Argentina before scaling the new solution worldwide. Once the test run has completed, Corona’s parent company, AB InBev, the world leading brewer will consider launching the technology to other brands. The company has innovated its use of barley, reimagining the crucial beer ingredient as a fresh step towards sustainability.

The Process

Corona sees this step as a way to reduce the need for raw materials and virgin trees in their supply chain. Barley seeds continue being used to make the beverage, but barley straw, a material often wasted from farmers’ harvests, is now being used for packaging. The process involves a special pulping method that can handle the fragility of the barley straws, which is then combined with 100% recycled wood fibres to produce a durable paper board. This method took AB InBev three years to develop and their insistence in creating sustainable and green products came from the brands love of nature;

Thoughts From The Team

Felipe Ambra, global vice president of marketing, Corona, said: “Corona is a brand born at the beach. We’re deeply connected with nature and appreciate all that it has to offer, so we want to continue to do our part to protect it. Our deep reverence for nature is what inspires our vision to become a sustainability leader in the CPG industry, because we want everyone to be able to keep enjoying paradise.”.

Benefits Of Sustainable Packaging

This innovation for beer packaging uses fewer resources and it is a scalable solution as the company is considering providing this green option to other companies to increase a global positive impact on the environment. This process uses 90% less water in its production in comparison to the previous tradition using virgin wood. This has the potential to inspire companies within the industry to reinvigorate their methods for a greener future.


Keenan Thompson, Director of Packaging Innovation at AB InBev, said: “We’re excited to finally launch this new packaging innovation we’ve been developing over the past three years. At AB InBev we are continually pushing boundaries by developing scalable solutions. Today is a proud moment for us, not only are we providing an opportunity for farmers but we’re also delivering a more mindful solution to the consumer.

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