Catalogue Recycling Service For Businesses

Catalogue Recycling Service

Can Catalogues Be Recycled?

Yes, catalogues and glossy magazines can be recycled. Our team can collect bulk loads of your catalogue waste and transport the materials to recycling centres. Here, the waste can enter the recycling process to be repurposed into new products. We also specialise in recycling most plastics and cardboard, offering a service for multiple different waste streams.
Our mission is to provide businesses with an eco-friendly solution for their catalogue waste. We understand that businesses often have a surplus of unsold or outdated catalogues that can end up in landfills. Our recycling service offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to dispose of these catalogues while reducing your carbon footprint.

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Why Should I Recycle Catalogues?

Recycling catalogues not only benefits the environment, but it also has economic advantages for companies. Recycling catalogues involves reusing or repurposing old or unsold catalogues, reducing waste and conserving resources. By recycling catalogues, businesses can reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This in turn reduces their carbon footprint and helps to preserve natural resources.
In addition to the environmental and economic benefits of recycling catalogues, it also sends a positive message to customers. By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and responsible resource use, businesses can build goodwill with their customers, creating a positive image.
Specifically, recycling paper products reduces deforestation which is having a major impact on our environment. Magazines and catalogs are created by extracting raw resources such as paper. By repurposing waste at recycling plants we can reduce the rate of this and help save our environment.

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How Our Services Work

Contact our team at Plastic Expert providing the type and quantity of magazine waste, location, photos & how the materials are stored.
We’ll then prepare a quote and email this to you. Once you’re happy to go ahead with a collection, simply make a payment and we’ll book transport.
Collections will be made on a day to suit your business. Let us know in advance of any loading requirements for our collection vehicles.
Full waste transfer documentation will be provided on collection. All of your waste items will then be fully recycled into new products.

Recycle Your Catalogue Waste With Us

At our recycling company, we are committed to providing businesses with a efficient way to dispose of their catalogue waste. We believe that recycling is the key to preserving our planet for future generations. By using our recycling services, you can save space in recycling bins and avoid overflowing general waste. We also offer great rebates for waste materials creating a cost effective service to approach your waste management. 
Get in touch today to cut your carbon footprint and utilise a professional paper recycling service. We can then arrange a collection day and remove the waste when required. Our customers range from retailers to schools, with our team having vast experience in multiple sectors. We can also provide paper balers to reduce volumes in waste bins, meaning materials can be compact into neat blocks.

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