Are You Looking For Cardboard Brokers?

Does your business generate a large amount of cardboard waste? Plastic Expert can act as your cardboard broker and offer you great rebates for your waste recycling. We can then supply this waste directly to paper mills across the UK and Europe for further repurposing. As specialists in waste management, we can handle your full waste streams from collection through to recycling, taking the stress off your hands whilst you can earn money. 

The types of cardboard we can supply to the UK, Europe, and Chinese markets include OCC (old corrugated cardboard), mixed paper and forty mix, office paper, and paper reels and redundant stock. We are also able to collect mixed loads, this may mean you have plastic bales that we can purchase off you at the same time: making the process quick, easy, and reducing transportation trips.

cardboard waste
Cardboard broker collection

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If your business is looking to earn incredible rebates whilst disposing of your waste in an eco-friendly manner, Plastic Expert is your solution. We can provide you with a dedicated account manager that will handle all purchasing of your waste, whilst presenting you with a full audit trail and paperwork so you can keep track of the whole process. Get in touch today to find out more by emailing or calling 0845 3669306. We do require photos and approximate volumes of waste you would like us to collect to assess the commercial aspect.