Just about every business of any size encounters waste cardboard at some point in their operations. This material is found just about everywhere, and it is used for a whole range of different purposes. Once you have used a piece of cardboard, storing it away can be a real challenge.

Recycling machinery, such as cardboard balers and compactors can help to solve this problem, making it much easier to store your cardboard without taking up valuable space. Alongside this, they can also reduce the risk of fires and injuries in your business, as they will keep the place a lot tidier and make it harder for flames to catch.

What Is A Cardboard Baler?

A cardboard baler is a relatively simple machine which only has a handful of moving parts. They usually consist of a concealed area for the cardboard to sit inside, a large plate which will press down on the materials inside, and a set of doors to keep the whole operation safe. Many will also include channels which are designed for binding string which is used to make your bales retain their shape once the machine has done its work.

Cardboard balers can crush materials like cardboard into far smaller pieces than humans are able to. The weight which is pressing down on the cardboard boxes and materials can be up to several tons, making it just about impossible for air bubbles to form and waste space in your buildings.

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Cardboard Bales for recycling

How can a Cardboard Baler help your business?

Buying or hiring a cardboard baler can feel like a big commitment, and a lot of companies are unsure about the value of a machine like this. In reality, though, they can help your business to a huge degree. To start with, they will keep your cardboard contained preventing it from taking up a lot of space within your business.

Cardboard balers can also make your business safer. Loose cardboard can create slip and trip hazards, often causing employees to hurt themselves while on the job. This can be bad news for both your employees and your business, making it worth looking at cardboard balers to keep your team safe from accidents.

Our cardboard collection service requires that cardboard be baled before we collect it. This ensures that we can fill our trucks properly, while also enabling you to get rid of as much cardboard as possible in one trip. Most cardboard collection companies will ask you to do this, making it worth looking at a baler no matter how you get rid of your cardboard. We offer baler rental services as well as opportunities for your very own baler purchase.

Our Cardboard Balers

Here at Plastic Expert, we have been working with cardboard recycling and collection for a very long time. This has exposed us to countless cardboard balers, giving us a unique insight into these machines. We offer two ways to get your hands on a cardboard baler, and we also offer balers for other materials too like plastics.

Cardboard Balers for Sale

Buying a cardboard baler for your business can be a good way to ensure that you always have this service available to you. These machines can last for a very long time, requiring very little maintenance, and this makes the investment an easy one to manage. We have a range of different cardboard balers on offer, giving you the chance to choose an option that will work with your company’s budget.

Cardboard Balers for Hire

For businesses unwilling to take on the commitment of buying a cardboard baler, hiring one can be a more affordable choice. This will mean that you don’t have to worry about maintaining or repairing your machine, and this will make the initial costs that come with it much lower. Here at Plastic Expert, we offer cardboard baler hire across the UK. This will make it possible to get you a machine quickly.

We at Plastic Expert have been working with cardboard and other recyclable materials for many years. Our time in this industry has enabled us to build an array of different connections with paper mills, recycling plants, and other businesses which can help you to deal with your recyclable waste. You can get in touch with us using the contact forms across our site or give us a call, and our friendly team will be happy to help you with your query.

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