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Are you in need of baling wire to help secure your cardboard waste bales? This includes the black annealed wire which has an anti-corrosive surface coating, or galvanised wire with a rust-preventive metal. At Plastic Expert, we sell a wide range of consumables such as cardboard baler wire, tape, strapping and twine to assist businesses with tying their bales. Our baler wire is strong, durable and of high quality for binding various waste baling materials such as paper, cardboard & plastic.
With the help of our baling wire, you can ensure that your waste materials are safely compacted together with strength. This durable product will hold your cardboard bales with ease ready to be collected for disposal. Our baling wire can comfortably hold bales of up to 650kg, making sure they stay perfectly intact.
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Delivery charge £125 per pallet.

Each bundle makes approx 18 bales.

Order minimum of 5 bundles.

Maximum of 40 bundles per pallet.

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We have all the consumables needed to help your business recycle waste.


The Benefits Of Baling Cardboard Waste

If you are producing high volumes of cardboard waste it is incredibly useful to start using waste balers to compact your mill size bales. You can receive great rebates from our team for your bales, and can have your cardboard waste transported to be recycled at licensed facilities. 
Not only is it key for the sustainability of your business, but also for efficiency. Having a cardboard baler on site means that your cardboard waste can be stored easily, taking up little space and requiring less time to sort and handle ready to be disposed of appropriately. Get in touch with our team today to buy all the consumables you need for your baler, or enquire about the different balers and compactors that we have available.

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