Buxton bottles to contain 100% recycled plastic

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Big businesses and large corporations are definitely stepping up to make changes to their products so that the things that they manufacture are recyclable and sustainable. Consumers are wanting this, and luckily, the likes of brands like Nestle are making changes. The food giant that owns the brand Buxton, has pledged to make all Buxton water bottles and packaging from completely recycled materials, which is great news from the industry. Most similar brands will have bottles and packaging that are all recycled. But to make it stand out from competitors, they are going the extra mile to make their bottles with those recycled plastics.

The range is going to be made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (or rPET as it is often referred to). The aim is to have the bottles to be fully made from rPET recycling material by 2021, with the first bottles of this type being sold from last month (November 2019). The business executive for the brand has spoken about how proud they are of this change, and that they are doing what they have said, to make the brand more sustainable. The business executive has also spoken out to say that they would have loved to have been able to do this much sooner, but talked about the challenges that come from achieving this.

Challenges brands face

The challenges spoken about are mainly due to the fact that the recycled material that the brand needs to use for the water bottles, needs to be made from high-quality food grade PET recyclable materials. Because of the nature of water, and that it is something that is going to be consumed, there can be risks with recycled materials that aren’t of a high-quality food grade. However, it isn’t all good news as there is a limited supply of rPET in the UK, meaning that they, and others that want to follow suit, will need to look elsewhere for these materials.

There is some good news that Nestle are working with industry partners, the government, and government organisations to help improve how much we recycle as a nation. Making more people aware of the circular recycling economy can happen, can become more of a reality if more and more people know what to do and the things that they should and shouldn’t be recycling.

The future of sustainability

Not only are Nestle looking to make their brand Buxton more sustainable, but they are also looking to make all of their brands, products and packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. For a company that has food and drinks brands, all using packaging, it is good to see that they know that they need to set an example and make changes for a more sustainable future. There are more brands following suit, with cider maker Aston Manor choosing cardboard over plastic packaging for their drinks. So changes towards sustainability for brands are happening, which is a really positive move for the brands, as well as for consumers. Look at labels, and choose those things that are sustainable, recyclable, or made from recycled materials.

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