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dumpster logoPlastic Expert would like to welcome the United States’ leading waste removal company: Budget Dumpster!

Budget Dumpster is addressing a huge concern and covering a large area, but how did you grow to this stage?

We have been able to consistently grow to a national leader in waste removal by being dedicated to customer service. It began with renting hundreds of dumpsters each year and now we are providing hundreds of dumpsters every week. However, Budget Dumpster must credit some of our success to the need for proper waste disposal services in the United States. We are dedicated to helping people take care of their trash and plan on helping more and more people every year.

Working in various states, do the waste rules and regulations change over border lines, and how do you deal with this?

Every dumpster1state and every city has its unique waste removal regulations. These rules are also constantly changing, which makes being a national provider rather difficult. For example in Seattle, rules are very restrictive on the amount of food waste and in places such as Milwaukee, every dumpster rental requires a permit. Although these rules and regulations create more work for Budget Dumpster, they are in place for a reason, usually to protect the environment. By forging relationships with the cities we service, we are able to meet the expectations of all of our customers.

Because of the size of your business, how heavily have you invested in the sorting and recycling of the materials collected?

Budget Dumpster invests a great deal of time and resources in sorting and recycling, because it is an essential step to keep materials from ending up in the landfill. We provide our customers with the necessary information to sort, recycle and even donate their materials prior to putting anything in the dumpster. After the dumpster is picked up from the customer, the contents are unloaded at a transfer station, where they are sorted and recycled again.

How does your business set itself apart from the competition?

We pride our business on customer service, but many other factors have set us apart from others in the industry. Budget Dumpster donates dumpsters to non-profits to accomplish much needed waste removal projects. We have also teamed up with various environmental groups to raise awareness to properly dispose unwanted materials. Budget Dumpster is much more than just a company that provides dumpster rentals.

Do you prefer to separate at source or sort materials at a facility, and what do you think are the cost and environmental benefits of both?

Budget Dumpster believes separating at the source is the most effective method. Unfortunately that is conducted solely by our customers, who may not take the time to properly sort recyclables. That is why we have our transfer stations in place as a secondary filter to keep materials out of the landfill. Both of these measures are cost effective because of the environmental benefits associated with diverting materials out of our landfills.

How big a role does Corporate Social Responsibility play in the US waste management industry?

Waste management services must prescribe to sustainable & responsible business practices. When dealing with waste, Budget Dumpster has to ensure the safety of our customers and the environment. As a leader in the industry, we are responsible to supply waste removal solutions, but also to provide a resource to educate on how to efficiently remove unwanted materials.

Which country leads the way in recycling, and what do you think we could learn from them?

The moment Sweden began importing garbage to transform into energy, it put them on the top of the list of best recycling countries. We are able to learn that reaching high recycling rates is possible and there is hopefully brighter environmental future. The hard work to properly remove materials now, will pay off eventually.

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