An Interview With Trivo

A GPS tracker that can be used as a keyring, bracelet even as a card in your wallet. Sounds interesting, so we spoke to the charming Italian man behind it!

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Plastic Expert are pleased to welcome Luca Carabetta…

Hi Luca, would you like to introduce yourself and Trivo?
I am an Italian energy engineer working as consultant in the Italian Parliament on energy, business, startups and technology. I am also an ICT engineer and I have many years of experience in this field as consultant. My activity in the innovation field led me to realize something on my own. I lose everything everyday so I decided to do something to solve my problems.
Our team was born at the beginning of 2015 in order to create something from nothing, this was and is our goal. We have worked hard for months to develop an idea, studying how to give the best product to thousands of customers all over the world. Here we are with Trivo, the smallest and cheapest GPS tracking device all over the world, we are going to change your life forever: no more lost wallets or keys and the things you care about most always with you.

How does Trivo work? Is there an App?
Trivo uses pure GPS (not cell-ID or crowdGPS technology) so you can find what you care for everywhere in the world, integrated with a bluetooth module which allows you to find your objects in short-range distance. It works everywhere in the world thanks to our partnership with an international provider.
At the moment we have an app on Android, Windows and iOS markets, this app will give you updates on our Indiegogo campaign. The final app will manage the final product so it will give you all our features. Both apps are free.
What is Trivo made from, and how strong is it?
We use a special acrylic resin to make Trivo. We chose that material and not traditional 3D printing materials because we thought especially about kids using it. So I can say it’s pretty strong, just to resist to a kid’s everyday life.
All the parts of our products are designed and manufactured in Italy, we want to give you the best!
Which markets will it most appeal to, and why?
We developed Trivo to cover all people’s needs in finding something: from keys and wallets to children, from pets to cars.
Can you tell us about the wireless charging and the solar charging?
It’s simply a wireless charger with no grid energy supply: it’s a device you can take anywhere, for instance you can use it on your car and leave it forever.

What can you tell us about the bluetooth and GPS card trackers?
It’s a particular version designed for wallets and folders, it has a bigger battery so we can double battery life.

Tell us about your Indiegogo campaign and what you will do when you have met the funding target?
We designed Trivo but we need funding to manufacture it. We also consider improving its design and features thanks to Indiegogo fundings.
I think Trivo is for us a start-point in the Internet-of-Things field: I really believe in the possibility to change people’s lives for the better, thanks to device integration and this is the way.

To learn more about Trivo, watch their video:

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