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​Amazon Launches Sustainability Accelerator

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​Amazon Launches Sustainability Accelerator For Start-Ups Working On Recycling Tech

Amazon has recently launched a sustainability accelerator for start-ups working on recycling tech. They are on the hunt to find leading, innovative start-ups that are focused on pushing recycling through technology. As their second sustainability accelerator that launched a week ago, they are inviting early-stage start-ups to apply.

What Is The Sustainability Accelerator?

The Amazon Sustainability Accelerator is a 12-week programme designed to help founders navigate the challenges of building a sustainable business. Amazon and EIT Climate-KIC will work together with participants to learn how to self-assess their business’ climate impact, and develop strategies to improve their environmental footprint. Participants will also receive a grant, Amazon Web Services (AWS) credits, and free office space.

What Is The Accelerator Focused On?

This year’s sustainability accelerator will focus on recycling technologies and consumer products. They are looking for businesses that show innovative tech that will help to increase recycling rates and tackle current recycling issues. This means start-ups will receive guidance and funding to help us overcome barriers in the recycling industry; such as advanced sortation machinery and waste management data systems. 

As for consumer products, Amazon is focused on early-staged businesses that are building products that help push sustainability. This includes items being created from recycled materials or reduced carbon emissions.

How Successful Was Last Year’s Amazon Sustainability Accelerator?

Last year’s accelerator saw 9 companies from the UK and Ireland raising more than £4.5 million, and increasing sales on and off Amazon by an average of more than 250%. With such huge advancements and a focus on the recycling sector, we are sure to see some incredible outcomes from this programme.

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