5 uk businesses leading the way in recycling

5 UK Businesses Leading the Way in Recycling

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Waste pollution continues to be a pressing issue globally, contributing to environmental decline and climate change. Scientists have predicted that around 12 billion tonnes of waste are expected to be present in the environment or landfill site by 2050, if our current waste production and treatment habits continue. 

On an individual level, many are attempting to do their bit to reduce unnecessary waste, it is just as important that businesses do their bit too. In light of the recent creation of WRAP’s UK Plastics Pact, a pact between the biggest UK brands to cut unnecessary plastic by 2025, having a positive environmental impact and reducing waste in your business is more important than ever. Plastic Expert will explore five UK businesses who are killing it with their recycling strategies. 

Simply Cups

Simply Cups is the leading, and original, cup collection and recycling company in the UK. They supply dedicated cup bins to suppliers, collect the waste, bulk it, and transport it to reprocessors. They collect polystyrene, polypropylene, and PET cups, as well as paper cups, and recycle them to create new products. They provide the materials for the popular rCups, reusable cups made from the cup waste. This shows their clients the tangible results attached to recycling cups. 

Chip[s] board

Chip[s] board have discovered a way to turn food waste into bioplastics. With their main partner, Mccain, they are turning potato waste into plastics. Furthermore, these plastics are fully recycling and biodegradable post use. Their plastics are used by a range of clients, and turned into a variety of products, such as glasses and buttons. 


Bio-bean is transforming the way we dispose of coffee grounds. Coffee grounds contain oil, and bio-bean has manufactured a way to create biomass pellets from coffee grounds, for fuel. These pellets are targeted at businesses who use large commercial and industrial biomass boilers. The pellets replace the need for virgin timber. Their other main product is Coffee Logs; replacing conventional wood logs, they can be used in wood burners and multi-fuel stoves.  

Macrebur Roads

Macrebur helps reduce plastic waste pollution by combining plastic waste with asphalt. This asphalt is then used for road construction and surfacing. They also have an impactful waste calculator on their website which allows you to input your required road size, and how much plastic you divert from the landfill by using Macrebur. 


This one is a bit different, as Boots’ central role is not recycling. However, in September 2020, they launched a recycling campaign where customers could return empty product containers in exchange for points. For five empty containers, 500 points (£5) are awarded to the individual. This has been hugely successful, with over 100,000 products returned in two months. 


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