Apps helping track sustainability

4 Innovative Apps Tracking Sustainability

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Creating A Sustainable Lifestyle

Over recent years, businesses and individuals have been finding new processes and ways of living to become more environmentally conscious. Whether that be recycling effectively, reusing products or limiting energy consumption; there are a wide variety of habits you can approach to increase your sustainability.

How Is Technology Being Used?

As well as these processes, technology is being used by the world to increase efficiency, allowing us to accurately track our lives and businesses. With advances in tech features and the popularity surrounding mobile apps, this is proving highly successful in cutting C02 emissions for individuals and organisations. Below, we explored 4 apps that are helping us reduce our carbon footprint and ways in which you can use these to create a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and workplace.

4 Mobile Applications Helping The Planet


Cogo is a free app available for businesses that assigns a carbon emission factor every time you spend, giving you access to real-time data of your carbon footprint. The mobile application includes innovative features such as personalised ‘nudges’, real-time offsetting, and carbon data from leading experts to ensure accuracy.


The Capture app makes it incredibly easy and efficient for people to track their C02 emissions. You are able to calculate and set personalised monthly targets, enable GPS tracking to automatically predict C02 consumptions, and track food emissions. With access to this data, you can then check your progress and be welcomed with tips and insights to help you achieve your goals. 

Eco Buddy

The Eco Buddy app allows you to make informed decisions and control your impact on the environment. This is done through showing you the C02 emissions for food eaten and journeys taken, along with a diary for you to compare days to and insights to improve your lifestyle.

Earth Hero

Earth Hero offers a variety of features to help users take action against climate change. This is through setting targets, tracking progress and having access to browse ideas for actions. A unique part of this mobile app is how you can connect to a global movement and share your actions with others. This app encourages you to work with users to address climate change collectively.

Why We Need Apps To Increase Sustainability

With the help of mobile applications, users can access accurate, real-time data on their carbon footprint at their fingertips. The ability to follow your progress creates encouragement for people to reach targets and have access to a clear impact on how their changes are helping the planet. App development companies such as AppTailors can develop and design successful sustainability applications that help to reduce your carbon footprint.


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