10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

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How To Stop Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

Ways to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean include increasing recycling rates, participating in beach clean ups, reducing single-use plastics and promoting proper waste management.

10 Ways To Reduce Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

In this blog, we are going to explore 10 ways to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. Here, we will explore how you can implement each step. From plastic free alternatives to reusable plastic packaging, there is a change everyone can make.

Increasing Recycling Rates

One of the main reasons plastic ends up in our oceans is due to the wrong disposal of waste. If we recycle plastic materials, they can be repurposed into new products. Rather than ending up in landfills and finding their way into our waters. Boosting recycling rates will help reduce a monumental amount of plastic waste in our oceans.

You can do this by making sure to segregate waste correctly, and understanding what our different waste bins mean. Businesses can work with waste management companies to ensure a recycling program is in place for their different waste streams.

Participating In Beach Clean Ups

Beach clean ups often take place by organisations to collect litter on land and in water. One example includes The Million Mile Clean, an annual action bringing Ocean Activists together to tackle plastic pollution head on. Often these involve collecting plastic entering the ocean from our beaches.

At these events you can join others to clear up rubbish that would eventually enter the ocean. This means you can tackle the issue head on and help to divert waste from polluting the environment.

Reducing Single Use Plastics

One of the main culprits of waste in the ocean is single-use plastics. This is because just after one use, these products are thrown away. The sheer volume of these materials used each day is huge. With items such as water bottles, plastic cutlery, and plastic bags being among the most in our oceans.

If we are able to cut our use of these products or find reusable alternatives, the volume thrown away can be decreased. This will save a large quantity of plastic waste accumulating.

Single Use Plastic Straws

plastic straw ocean

Encouraging Others 

Share your insights and how plastic waste is impacting the planet. This can be done on social media or simply to friends and family. By spreading the word, we can encourage others to make small changes and create an effort as a whole. This knock on effect will help to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean and hopefully open up new solutions for approaching the crisis.

Use Sustainable Alternatives

Limiting our use of plastic will directly cut the amount of waste we are producing. Sustainable alternatives include Beeswax-coated cloth replacing plastic bags, bamboo replacing various household items, and paper for straws or cups.

Reduce Plastic Production

Reducing plastic production as a whole will help us cut the amount of waste we produce. Although plastic is an essential material for its durability, versatility and various other properties, innovative solutions are being created to reduce the production. 

Avoid Microbeads

Microbeads are found in a range of products many of us use daily. These could include exfoliating face scrub, make-up, shower gel and more. Avoiding products which contain these microbeads will help to reduce the impact this material has on the oceans. Microbeads have an ability to adsorb toxins and potential to transfer up the marine food chain.

Support The Plastic Bag Tax

Whilst purchasing a bag for your food shop may be a pain for many, the reason for this tax is to help the environment. Making this product less desirable will enable us to use less and have encouragement to re-use our plastic bags. This will reduce the amount of plastic bags becoming waste at a rapid rate and entering the ocean.

Buy Second-Hand

Rather than buying new products, why not re-use and purchase second hand? Limiting the demand for plastic production and saving raw materials is essential for reducing waste. We can buy second-hand clothes, accessories, containers and much more. 

Carry A Reusable Coffee Cup On You

Fancy a coffee each morning? If you do, have you ever thought about the cup you are using and abusing every single day. Keeping a travel cup on you that people can fill will reduce a large amount of waste. This can be reused time and time again, rather than thrown away after each use. You can also find reusable alternatives for your plastic bottles.

How Can We Help The Ocean From Plastic?

By following these 10 top tips, you can help to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean. Start by taking small steps to introduce these changes and collectively we can make a difference. If you are a business looking to recycle your plastic waste, we can help. We collect plastic material across the UK and divert the waste from landfills and the ocean. All of your waste wil be recycled and repurposed into new products successfully. 

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