Recycling for Businesses

We work with companies across all sectors and industries to recycle waste packaging material made from plastic & cardboard. As an end user of the waste materials, we’re completely motivated to reduce the amount of plastic & cardboard that end up in landfill. Reducing the carbon footprint of collections is also of paramount importance to us.


How we make it happen…

Waste audits and reporting

When analyzing costs and environmental savings our team of experts will carry out a waste audit. The purpose of this is to correctly advise of the most effective process for dealing with waste materials. This process include:report-2

  • Analysis of current procedures, recycling rates and costs
  • Correctly identify the types of waste materials being generated
  • Understand the operational constraints, such as space and movement of waste within the facility
  • Provide a cost benefit analysis for a revised recycling system
  • Demonstrate environmental savings through increased recycling rates

On a monthly basis our customers receive a recycling report detailing the type and weight of waste materials collected. This information can be used for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) reporting or recording statistics for ISO 14001 purposes.

Education & Dedicated Account Management 

Service and support are two crucial aspects of our value added recycling service. All of our customers will have access to a dedicated account manager to arrange collections, help increase recycling rates and provide periodic reviews.

Our customers also receive ‘Recycling Guides’ to help educate and train team members. These can be printed and displayed in key areas to help remind staff of the recycling process. Our Account Managers commonly assist in delivering the message through visits to team meetings. Many of our customers have a ‘Green Champion’ who is tasked to promote environmentally friendly activities in the work place.

Because we care more than most… 

 We arrange for the planting of trees in local Woodlands on behalf of our customers. This wonderful contribution back to the environment is organised through the UK’s leading Woodland organisation. Our customers receive a certificate, which can be displayed with pride and offers a great way to increase CSR credentials across the business.


Recognition and Awards

We love to share stories of success and our in house PR & Marketing team provides our customers with exactly that. This includes:

 A green image can make all the difference to you, your business, your clients and your customers; that’s why we are here to help. Our dedicated experts are on hand to help you unlock essential cost and environmental savings.