Plastic Bottle Recycling

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All grades of plastic bottle bales considered

PET and HDPE bottles are one of the most recyclable waste products we dispose of as a nation. We buy this waste plastic material in full trailer loads from recycling centres, MRF (Materials Recycling Facilities) and other UK businesses. Plastic bottles are either made from HDPE e.g milk bottles or PET e.g. soft drink bottles. All material is collected using a curtain sider vehicle or shipping container then send directly to the plastic bottle recycling factory. The grades of plastic bottles we buy include:

  • Mixed PET and HDPE (Clean Grade)
  • Mixed PET and HDPE with some level of contamination. This is commonly known as a 4-4-2 mix (40% PET, 40% HDPE and 20% other such as pots tubs and trays)
  • Natural HDPE Bottles and Colour HDPE Bottles
  • Natural PET and Colour PET bottles

We welcome new suppliers of recycled plastic bottles, initially we require 12-15 good quality photos of the load for sale. Following this a dedicated account manager will arrange for material inspection before confirming the buying price. Many factors impact the price of material including market prices, loading weights, volumes, material quality and the sorting/picking process.

Photos: Plastic Bottle Recycling in action. The material has been baled for onward transport to the plastic bottle recycling factory.

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Plastic Bottle Recycling – Loose material ready to be baled